Fairy Hobmother Spreads Some Love

This past year has been a whirlwind of writing and social media and enjoyable opportunities that I welcomed with arms wide open. So far 2013 is shaping up to be every bit as good as the year that came before it. This past week when the Fairy Hobmother popped by thriftymommastips.com for a visit, I was surprised and pleased. If you blog for any amount of time at all, you learn that comments beget comments so to speak and, once in awhile a magical friendship will be struck by commenting on another’s blog. One time I referred to The Bloggess on my blog back when I was just starting out and she commented back. That fueled my writing here for quite awhile. The Fairy Hobmother frequents the blogosphere trolling for comments and occasionally rewarding someone who comments on one of the blog posts written about him. Last week I was one of the lucky ones. 
In truth The Fairy Hobmother represents Appliances On Line, and in giving away some love and cash, he also gets a little love back to the site that he helps to publicize. I visited the site today and actually learned a lot about tumble dryers from the helpful video posted. So, if you are in the market for appliances and/ or need some information about what to look for, or where to buy appliances, then check it out. There are several different major brands from Hotpoint to Bosch and items range from washer/dryers, to fridges and freezers. Delivery is speedy according to the site information and reviews posted there. 
Have you ever been visited by The Fairy Hobmother? Leave a comment and maybe you’ll be lucky too. After all, you can’t get a visit from him if you don’t share some comment love. Thanks for making my day Fairy Hobmother!
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    Ohhhh! I haven’t been visited by the Fairy Hobmother, but I’ve been hoping for a visit!!! REALLY hoping! ;)I’m talkin’ fingers and toes, and everything else crossed!

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    How awesome is that, a fairy Hobmother!! I am going to check out the website I need a new washer soon. Mine makes a horrible grinding noise that drives me nuts!

    Congrats on your Fairy Hobmother visit.

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    Margarita: You leave a comment here and that is enough. Plus click through to the link for appliances on line and then hopefully he will see that and send you some love.

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    No, haven’t had the pleasure, but have seen a lot of my friends pretty happy to have proof the Fairy Hobmother is real! My kitchen is always looking for upgrades via fairy dust. :)

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    No, I’ve never been visited. :( I have been check out their Web site. We’re moving to Spain soon, and I’m really concerned I won’t have a dishwasher (I HATE washing dishes), but Appliances Online sells portable dishwashers.

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    I love this post, and it’s true, totally makes my day when a person I’ve looked up to takes the time to comment on my little ole blog. =) Glad I could comment on yours today!

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    I love this idea of marketing… EVERYBODY ends up with a smile on their face! Blog visits, site visits, amazon love, comment craziness… it seems like a fun idea. Woohoo Fairy Hobmother!

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