Friends with Style #WordlessWednesday

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Good friends are so important to anyone. But this one here, Margarita Ibbott, has been back and forth all over London and Cambridge with me trying to decorate my new house. She has been super patient about my home office challenges. I kind of hated everything I had seen up until maybe last Friday, when I spied a desking system that I liked in Cambridge.
If you don’t follow her yet, you should. She’s funny and smart and really truly has one of the biggest hearts of any person I have ever met. She adores my kids, sometimes almost more than I do. She really is a great friend. She has mad style too. I might not say it often enough but I am fortunate to have found some of my best friends just this past decade. My London and area blogging Moms are my tribe. I wouldn’t trade them for all the conference swag in the world. 
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She is a riot. Trust me. Who else could tell me yes you can add zebra print to your daughter’s room if you already have polk a dots because you pull it together with this? Then she’d magically produce some cushion or something. Not kidding. She’s one of a kind. 

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