Christmas cards

Merry Christmas Card #Selfie #WordlessWednesday


In true last minute Paula form I realized I still wanted to make some super fast traditional Christmas cards this year. So I turned to my awesome friends at and asked what they could help me with last minute. They ship so fast and they are super efficient. Plus they have adorable stationery and art work and so many other things I love. Oh man I almost forgot they also made me some amazing personalized wrapping paper that is totally unique. I still need to get wrapping actually.

Minted also did my business cards this year which I am really happy with and have had some great feedback on. They offer a wide range of New Year’s cards and business greeting cards too which is why I always come back to Minted. They understand business and networking and they make brilliant little greeting cards. They have zillions of designs by the way. Choosing one is the hardest part. I have about 25 Christmas cards from my various friends and contacts this year, a few less than usual but that’s to be understood because of the price of stamps in Canada.

Anyways these came the other day and I shot them into the mailbox wicked fast. What do you think? Do you still send out Christmas cards? Do you email them or mail them still? This is my Wordless Wednesday post.

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