Monday Alexa Blog Hop

Lucky me, I was chosen as the cohost for the Alexa Hop today. Alexa hop takes places every Monday and is cohosted by Crunchy Frugalista and Money Savvy Michelle. So Alexa is a tool to help boost your blog or web site. To begin visit the Alexa bloghop and read about what should be done. Alexa ranks blogs and sites according to click through. So not just people landing on your site for a second or two. It ranks you for people who land there and then click onto the following page or stop awhile and browse other topics, other posts. So this bloghop really only works if people click through to the Read More area of your blog and the other posts. Anyways to install the Alexa tool bar and get started visit or These lovely ladies can explain the merits of Alexa better than I can.

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