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National Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day

Did you know today was National Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day? Well, it is. 

So, how do you manage to look on the bright side of life? Or do you?

Once in awhile, around here, where life gets terribly busy and occasionally stressful, it’s easy to get down or worn out. Around about Thursday of last week after a week of racing around and being the Mom taxi, managing business and managing my Mom’s financial details too, well it got pretty hairy. In my head I was recognizing little signals of burnout approaching.

But then we got a snow day and things slowed back down thankfully. Sometimes I choose to force myself to exercise to boost my mood. Other times this one here (see picture) does something completely random and silly and I collapse in laughter. That’s how we look on the bright side. Laughter is the best medicine sometimes. It’s right up there with good nutrition.

This month, in honour of National Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day, Milk Unleashed is offering a giveaway. All you have to do is visit their Facebook page and share a photo, drawing, or a few sentences on how you look on the bright side of things. 

What is “Milk Unleashed?” It is just Grade A, nutritious real milk that is ultra pasteurized and packaged in a Tetra Pak milk box (similar to a juice box or carton of soup). It’s safe in the pantry for months. Then simply chill or freeze and toss into a lunch box or sports bag, without worrying about spoilage. Moms now have a convenient way to help their kids get their daily recommended milk servings.

Milk Unleashed is shelf safe milk. Visit their site, or Facebook page for some fun facts and tips from the Milk Unleashed website, like “How to Get Your Kids to Drink More Milk.”

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