Rethink Bedroom Decor – Amazing Jysk Bedding and Drapery Sale!

The JYSK bedding and drapery sale might be the catalyst to get me started on a redecorating project here this summer. Every summer I have the fever. The redecorating fever. This summer my youngest daughter and I are planning to redo her bedroom. So right now we are blue sky dreaming about all the possibilities.

She asked last night for a new bed. It’s not the first time she’s asked. I’ve been procrastinating because it seems super expensive. But, then I spied the JYSK bedding and drapery sale and thought it might just be worth checking out. The deals are pretty amazing and you can’t go wrong with all the bedding options and colours.


Of course we plan to paint and change the colour of her room. We did something similar when my oldest girl was 14 and ready for high school. Her teen girl room makeover was documented here of course. I still love the shade of Blue that we used in her haven.

So, summer is the time to start. Which means the shopping is underway now. Last night my daughter asked if we could paint an accent wall black in her bedroom. UM, NO. Or Hard No actually. Not going to happen.

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Thankfully the deals are on right now at Gorgeous bedding in so many different colours and patterns at affordable colours. Jysk is a super affordable trendy store and on line outlet. That means you can easily decorate and redo any room in your house with a few simple purchases.

The Hofburg bed frames are $100 off until the 11th only on line. AND wait for it….MEMORY Foam Mattresses are 50 % off. GO get one – on line now. Wondering how a mattress weathers on line shipping? We had our last mattress delivered and it is my favourite thing about my bedroom.

Right now for a short time the deals are happening on bedding and drapes. Don’t miss these gel pillows. They are 50 % off and the JYSK deal of the week. As for drapery, start with the window rods and brackets and then move on to the sheer panels.

There’s also a deal for up to 30 % off select nightstands until April 11. So don’t waste time. So tell me what’s your colour scheme and what room will you tackle?

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