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Sharing Stories of Home with Hizzy

Sharing stories of home is the name of the game with Hizzy. When it comes to having a place where homeowners can come together and share what makes their houses homes, that’s Hizzy. Hizzy is a growing community of homeowners who share their unique stories of home on everything from decor to how to merge styles for couples. It’s a great place for sharing stories, reading stories, and getting great ideas for our own homes.


Sharing Stories and Sharing Ideas

What’s your home’s story? Think about it. Every person has a story and so does every home. I’d tell you ours but you need to visit my profile on Hizzy to see it first. I discovered Hizzy just this month when someone emailed me about the site. It’s the coolest. My first thought on Hizzy is that it’s like a high end home and lifestyle magazine, except the authors are homeowners like us! With Hizzy, community members are the ones sharing stories of home. It’s all about the community helping each other and sharing what makes our homes special to us. It’s a concept that I’ve never seen before, which is one reason I think it has great potential.

When you visit Hizzy, you’ll quickly see that the site is all about houses and people who love houses. I could spend hours poring over posts on all kinds of stuff. Some of my favorites are about decor. One in particular about merging styles for couples caught my eye. It was an excellent read, and could make life easier for newly married couples.

It’s easy to become a part of the community, as well. All you have to do is sign in  with Facebook, and you can begin following and sharing stories you love. Create a fast and simple home profile, and post photos and captions to your home story so others can follow your own unique stories of home.


Sharing Stories, Sharing Life with Hizzy

Hizzy is quickly became one of my favorite home living and dec sites, and it only took about 15 minutes to fall in love with it. The quality and sincerity of the stories on Hizzy are second to none, and I think that’s because the stories come from the community. These are stories shared by the people who live them, and you can feel that personal connection.

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Join me over on Hizzy. Head over to Hizzy and start reading and sharing stories of home with their community today. Hizzy is a great platform to share all the things about home that we love.

This post is sponsored by Hizzy, which means I have been compensated. My opinion is all my own and it is also truthful.


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