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When I was a child I could spend hours upon hours reading. I consumed novels in the summer as if they were food and they kind of were. In summer as a child I had all the time in the world just to read. In school, I loved a good reading challenge too.

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Those cute hands on school science projects were amazing opportunities for me to learn, apply and retain the information. Sometimes that is all it takes to make those lessons memorable. Later on, we went on to have frogs and fish and even a turtle as a childhood pet. Watching them grow and learning about how to take care of each one was a great opportunity for everyone. Eventually we got a cat and fish plus cats, well we all know how that goes, right?

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What is in this Booklet?

Summer Slump

This summer, when the kids are home you can encourage their love of reading with this cute little 1,000 Minute Reading Challenge. Don’t let summer slide or summer slump claim too many of the kid’s brain cells this year or any year.

What are You Reading?

What kinds of books are your kids interested in? Do they love reading as much as I do, as much as you do?

During the pandemic I have been reading more than ever. I suspect many people have rediscovered a passion for novels. In fact, I kind of have my own reading challenge going on. One week last month I decided my books were a little bit stale, so I drove around town to the Little Free Library locations. While we might not be able to travel out of town, we can definitely travel through literature. Kids can do the same.

Adult Reading Journals

When I was in my twenties I kept lengthy reading journals. This one works too. CUTE Reading Journal for Book Lovers.

I still have several of them. BOY, could I ever read pre-children, anyways.

Get the 4-page Kids Reading Challenge Here:

My 1,000 Word Reading Challenge

Download this fun summer or homeschool literary challenge for kids or kids at heart via the link above. It’s a super cute 4 page printable. One page is a journal style entry to share all of your reads in and one page is cure little bookmarks. There’s a bee themed reading game and also a title page.

Love the Bee Theme?

Don’t Miss this cute Bee Life Cycle Learning Kit Printable too!

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