Ty Beanie Boos for Christmas: #TMMGG2013

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If you’ve got girls, or tweens, then you know about these already. Beanie Boos have taken over as collectibles du jour on the schoolyard. You can’t go wrong with one of these this year. My younger daughter, age 9, came home in September asking for these TY Beanie Boos – SPELLS the White Owl ( Buddy Size – 8.5 inch ) that everyone was playing with at recess. So I bought her one. I like her to have tools for recess, because open unscheduled time is difficult to fill for some kids. My daughter needs focus during those times. Anyways, the first one she got was this little dog called Cookie. It was a big hit. Then she wanted more. Because they trade them and play with them creatively at school.
Anyways, our one Christmas party so far resulted in another Beanie Boo from Santa Claus. You can get these little guys almost anywhere. Each has a date of birth and a name and a sentence about them on their tag. They are completely adorable and affordable and made by Ty. Remember the guys that gave us Beanie Babies and that craze? Yes, that’s right, we have them to thank for this new craze.
I have seen these at Mastermind toys and on line, as well as at Justice and in the Shoppers Drug Mart. They cost about $5.95. But the extremely rare collectibles run higher on line so try to get your kids to take care of them (LOL) My kids have been saving their allowance money and buying them on their own. Ty Beanie Boos Dakota – Horse Mediumare a hit with most girls over age of 6 upto about 11. There are a few special Christmas edition collectibles out right now. This one is Alpine the reindeer.
This weekend my daughter got this little guy. I think TY Beanie Boos – SPELLS the White Owl ( Buddy Size – 8.5 inch )is the cutest yet. 

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