Until Next Year #WordlessWednesday #Mom2summit

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Despite the Ontario budget chaos and the plunge straight into election mode I flew to Atlanta to attend my first ever Mom 2.0 conference. The craziness at home just meant I spent a good deal of the time away working also and taking calls. (I do a fair bit of political and health blogging and all of that ends up kicked into overdrive when an election is called.) This was my first Mom 2.0 Summit. I really didn’t know what to expect but hoped for some great networking time and planned to build some skills. I had a great time as you can see here. I am no stranger to conferences for bloggers and find my way to a few events a year. Each conference is an excellent opportunity for networking with bloggers and brands. This one was unique for me.
I met the awesome Celeb Dirty Laundry publisher; in fact, shared a room with Ann Marie LeBlanc, Catherine Grace and Olfa Turki. We had our share of fun, especially on the last evening when we took a cab to find some authentic Atlanta food. Olfa Turki ( nearly had us all collapsing in tears as we pulled up to a rib shack that looked – umm, a little worrisome. 
I know everybody takes away something different from a conference experience. For me, I grew in some ways and gained some valuable insights into some social issues and organizations using social media for change. That is powerful and useful. I gained some friends and connections. But mostly, in a word, I got clarity. For my business, that’s priceless. 

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