Why is Thrifty Momma’s Tips now on Bloglovin’ ?

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I am not by nature a joiner. I am a hang back and observe, then assess and hop on the bandwagon if it makes sense to me. So, when Bloglovin’ first appeared and everyone was going crazy and hopping on, I signed up and then waited to see how it played out. Because Google Reader is now no longer in service and many regular blogs I read are no longer as accessible as they once were in a nice tidy list, I have been seeking out other options to keep my blog roll in a neat little bite-sized bundle.
This week I was watching my good friend Sarah over at Journeys of the Zoo and her regular bloglovin’ blog hop. Sarah is a great Canadian mom with a big heart. I adore her and trust her. She is a gypsy at heart and she shares and supports many Canadian bloggers. Sarah is also smart. So that’s what you need to know about Sarah.
Inside my Facebook groups, Bloglovin’ lists started to get hot this week. I saw many of these status updates stating – Hey I just joined Bloglovin’ and this is my link – follow me there. So again I watched that and realized most of my friends have signed up and listed their blogs there. I played around a bit for a couple of hours and realized Bloglovin’ has a lovely little layout. It is visually appealing. When I subscribe to a blog there, it appears daily in a little blog roll that looks much nicer than anything Google Reader ever had. It looks like my daily blog newspaper. It is easy to navigate and simple to use. Also it is simple to add your blog and subscribe to other blogs as well. It’s quite simply pretty.
Still I hung back. I have enough platforms, subscriptions and accounts for clients that I handle. Honestly Google Plus is still out there doing heaven knows what, changing daily and I am always still keeping one eye to that..Facebook, well it’s a given for community managers like me. Twitter, my first social media love. Pinterest, my happy Friday night hangout. Why did I need one more tool?
Then someone in a Canadian blogging group over on Facebook stated this to me: “Bloglovin’ is sending me a lot of traffic.” And the deal was done. Right now most weeks my traffic sources are tracked steadily from three sources – google searches, so I know my SEO is working, twitter (because that’s my happy place and I share for my blog and all my clients there also) and Pinterest. Pinterest is the last big platform I hopped on with a gleeful whoop and I have not regretted that move at all. The posts and pictures I share on Pinterest for myself and my clients, provide constant action and movement and traffic. For my clients the boards I build them are a lasting resource on infertility, fertility resources and books, events, ideas, plus blog posts. They require very little maintenance, but a regular visit and some occasional love via sharing links and adding pins. This is one of my IVF4BC client boards. This is the Ontario version of those Pinterest boards. This is Learning Toys.
Do I expect Bloglovin’ to perform like Pinterest? No. Can I ignore anything that sends me traffic? No. Also it’s my job to grow messsaging for many of my clients and that means I need to check this Bloglovin’ phenomenon out and report back. Can you afford to ignore something that sends you traffic?
Now I am here and you can subscribe to thrifty momma’s tips on Bloglovin’ and I will hopefully subscribe right back to your feed. Leave me a comment here if you are on Bloglovin’ and share your link so I can follow you. Are you on Bloglovin’?

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