Grand Cayman
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My Wordless Wednesday Baby Turtles in Grand Cayman #travel

Grand Cayman
My girl Ainsley in Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman was my favourite port of all four stops that we made on our recent cruise. Here, in this shot you can see a little of the reason why we loved it so much. We took the entire day to explore Grand Cayman and we were not disappointed. First stop was the Grand Cayman turtle farm and hatchery where we were able to learn about turtles and interact with them. Then we snorkelled, swam, held turtles again and raced down watersides before taking a bus back to our cruise ship on the Carnival Pride.

My kids were hysterical with the turtles. Some of the older sea turtles can be 100 and they are massive. Those can be a bit intimidating. But then we moved on to the babies and as long as you sanitized and were careful you could wade right in and hold them and take pictures. The key was to hold it over water so you didn’t drop it. Ainsley, 10, was comical as ever. It’s fun for me to watch her sometimes throughout the day as she explores new things. In the morning, she takes much time to warm up to new experiences often. That’s just her way. She has always been like this. It’s kind of common with sensory procession disorder to be sensory avoiding or sensory seeking. She is a bit of both. She is extremely anxious about a lot of things in the morning. Anyways, by end of the afternoon she had conquered her nervousness with handling the turtles and she was wading in and helping others to catch and hold them gently. This is a brilliant excursion I highly recommend. We did this entire vacation on our own as tourists. For more about the excursion you can read this. For more about the merits of cruising you can also read this:

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