Cooking With Kids: A How To Guide to Mom’s Yummy Meatloaf


Hi! And Happy Late Thursday post…I know. I know, it’s Friday. Life is busy. But I promised a healthy meal this week. This is our recipe for meatloaf. And it’s a goody.

Take about one pound of ground beef (lean)
Put in a mixing bowl and add two eggs
Add one cup of bread crumbs
Add one small onion (chop very fine)
If you have the special meatloaf seasoning from a brand you like add it.
Tiny dash of salt and pepper.
One half cup of water (sometimes I vary this by adding soya milk instead)
Bake at 350 degrees for one hour. Covered in a loaf pan and drain any excess fat from top, if there is any at all. Make certain to grease or spray bottom of the pan first. Before cooking.
Mix separately one half cup of ketchup with four teaspoons brown sugar. Until not lumpy. Add it to the top and spread liberally. Put back in the oven for another ten minutes at 300 degrees.
Slice and serve. It should slice just like a banana loaf or something of that nature.
Yummy! My kids are crazy for this meatloaf. (When I was a kid meatloaf was dry and boring. I hated that meal. This one is anything but boring.)

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