All the fun, free, educational and creative printables and word games you can imagine. From crosswords to word games, colouring sheets and math practice sets - there's something here for all ages and abilities. In the Printables section of Thrifty Mommas Tips, you will find colouring sheets, activity sheets, crosswords, word searches and worksheets, as well as educational flash cards and lists. From the monthly colouring sheets to the printable flash cards you should never be stuck wondering what's there to do again. Looking for activities that appeal to all ages and can keep the kids busy while on a road trip, or maybe just when you are cooking dinner? This is the section for that kind of content. There are many full sized learning activity booklets here that you can save and print for your family. Don't miss the seasonal printable activities too. Christmas gift tags and  Printable blank Santa lists are available during the holidays. The Halloween colouring booklets and pumpkin carving templates and stencils are also extremely popular. Please feel free to use these in your home. All of these activity sheets are easy to print off and share with the kids. Reminder though that they are also protected by copyright so nobody can simply cut and paste and share them on their own site, unless given express permission from me. Enjoy!