Cooking With Kids: Summer Blueberry Treats

blueberries 004

It’s Thursday, so here we are cooking in the kitchen with kids. Easy peasy this week and yet, oh so yummy. I saw a variation of this on Pinterest and wanted to try it. So this is what we started with. Oh so yummy and nutritious blueberries. Did you know they are a superfood? Yes, they are. Also they contain great nutrients that help your skin and protect your brain from Alzheimer’s Disease. I love that.

blueberries 002

Then I added this. My favourite yogurt. I can generally only find at Costco. And we rolled all the delicious berries in yogurt. And we froze them for a couple of hours.

blueberries 001

And oh my goodness! So yummy. Have you had the frozen grapes treat? Well this is like that with my yogurt topping as a coating. Now I would suggest putting them on a cookie sheet to freeze because we had to chip ours apart. But honestly they are so delicious. I loved that they melted in my mouth. Not all, but many melted in my mouth which meant I could eat them easily. (Normally blueberries and their teeny seeds really upset my stomach. Not this time.) So how will you get your kids in the kitchen this week?

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