Cooking With Kids Thursday Linkup

In case you missed last Thursday’s brand new feature announcement, here it is again. From now on every Thursday I am running a fun family bloghop. There is so much that is fun about Cooking With Kids. My children love cracking eggs and the sensory nature of beating batter, reading recipes, measuring and – of course, the eating part too. Just this week after launching the idea and letting them know we would all be involved in cooking and baking for my blog thriftymommastips, they were inspired and their interest in cooking and helping in the kitchen was sparked again. I counted easily four different recipes this week that we made together. The key for us is keeping it simple and letting everyone share in choosing and creating the recipes. Many hands make light work, right? Oh and did I mention the fact that while we are baking or stirring or blending we are learning math, reading, sharing, cooperation, team work and – as one reader pointed out last week – science to!

Easy kids omelette

This week we made several things together, but for now here is our easy omelette recipe.

Ingredients (serves two)
3 eggs.
1/4 cup of water or milk
margarine (1 tsp)
1/4 cup of shredded cheddar cheese
(various other options to spice it up)
We experiment with bacon, ham, mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers, zucchini

Cook the bacon first if you want to add bacon. Drain it and let sit on paper towel. The adults should do the bacon always as it is too dangerous for children.
Crack three eggs into a bowl.
Heat frying pan on medium and add the margarine or butter. Whichever you prefer.
Stir the eggs and add the water or milk (we occasionally use water because of dairy intolerances)
Pour eggs mix into the pan and then sprinkle cheese on top.
Crumble the bacon and add.
Add zucchini or onion or tomatoes – there’s no end to the variations here.
When the mixture and egg congeals nicely then fold in half and cook a bit longer.

Cut in half and serve two people.
Easy and delicious lunch or brunch.

Rules for this are easy. Link up, post a recipe on your blog that is easy peasy for family to do together and make some new friends. You can take my button and post it every Thursday too to show you are part of the Cooking With Kids Bloghop Feature. Have fun!

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