Dinner at My House: a Life Choices Review and #Giveaway

We are not a fish sticks kind of family. Like a lot of Moms, I try to serve nutritious, healthy food, on a budget. And I usually don’t have much time to cook my meals. I appreciate convenience. I love to buy organic food and I love to buy fresh items that are made or grown close to home. So when I discovered a new company called Life Choices I was thrilled and more than a bit curious. Life Choices is a company based out of Toronto. Like so many great Canadian companies, Life Choices was started by a Canadian family. It was in 2002 with the birth of their first child, that the company was launched. Their mission is family friendly and convenient, nutritious food. Life Choices is now sucessful in Canada and has also broken into the US marke. Life Choices has a line of organic pizzas and kid friendly staples, like Mac N Cheese and fish fillets.
I recently had a chance to sample the fish fillets.
Dinner went like this. (Mommy happily setting out the yummy new fish fillets) Tummy rumbling.
Seven year old: “What? We are testing food now?” said Ainsley, who likes change about as much as well a two year old.
Ten year-old: (poking food with her fork) “Humph..what kind of fish is this?”
Me: “Wild caught Alaskan pollock fillets.” I read it from the package.
Husband: rolling eyes. (Gives me an odd look as if I had just served fish sticks.) Strangely equally resistant to change – wonder where the kids get that from.?
Me: (Nom. Nom. Nom.) checking out the breading and suitably impressed that the fish is neither dry, nor overcooked. Seeds and poky dry bits are not apparent in the breading so I am happy. After all, this fish has a custom-made Multigrain coating with flax, whole grains, oats and fibre. I am a Mom with a sensitive stomach. So flax and whole grains aren’t always so great for me. But this fish was quick to cook and easy on my stomach. It tasted nice, was light, flaky, not greasy and filed with nutrients like Omega 3s. That gets high marks here.
Seven-year-old: “This is pretty good.”
Ten-year-old:”Is there any more?”
Husband: “Hmm. It’s good. How do you know it’s wild caught? Did you watch them catch it?”
Husband follows that up with a dopey one-liner.
Thriftymommastips gives Life Choices fish fillets a $$$$ out of $$$$$
This is the blurb from the company:
“Life Choices Natural Foods is a natural health foods company based in
Toronto with a mission of: Making the Right Choices Easy. All of our
products are not only natural, but best of all they’re kid-friendly! We
provide Canadian families with healthy versions of the foods they want to
eat, such as Pizzas, Mac & Cheese, Meatballs, Chicken Fingers and even
Life Choices also has an
 eNewsletter, with expert opinions and food facts, fun recipes, and lifestyle

tips. The newsletter is sent bi-monthly. The email subscription is located on  the home
page and it is simple to register (No spam included!)
The lovely folks at Life Choices are offering a giveaway to one lucky reader:
The giveaway includes: an insulated lunch tote (kids can draw on it!), 3 boxes of  Mac ‘n Cheese, 3 $1-Off Coupons, as well as 1 Free Product Coupon for any of the Life Choices products.
The retail value is about $25.
Canadian entrants only
To enter: Mandatory: 1. leave me a comment telling me what you wish to try. 2. Like Life Choices Natural Foods on Facebook. (Follow the directions below and enter on Rafflecopter)

Life Choices is on twitter and Facebook:

 Check out their site: and find out which stores in your city carry these yummy products. .

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