Fun Zoom Summer Charades Game

Alright let’s all have some fun with Zoom. I mean, listen I am fully aware that Zoom is a grind sometimes. It is a blessing and also a grind. So, why not capture a little more of the fun side of zoom with this zoom summer charades game.

This past year I think we’ve all had a love hate relationship with Zoom. It’s great to have as a tool to keep business going and jobs thriving. I mean I am grateful for technology and so many Zoom moments and connections with my colleagues and my family members who I can’t see right now.

Silly Zoom Pandemic Moments

During the pandemic, we have all enjoyed a bit of the lighter side of Zoom at times. Like the lawyer cat zoom incident that went viral or the million times our friend’s and colleague’s pets have made their appearance known during home office Zoom calls. Oh and that one time during a news interview when the speaker’s toddler raced around the room in the background of frame. Hahaha…Good times.

Fun Zoom Sessions

But it can be fun occasionally too.

That first Easter we all jumped on Zoom and ate dinner together strangely while also apart. It worked for the most part. At least we got to see each other that day even if it was over the computer. We have also done Zoom Kahoot sessions with my niece and nephews and FaceTimed them a lot. So there are positive ways to enjoy the tool. These Zoom summer charades are just another way to help get through the pandemic. So have fun!

Easy Charades Download Instructions

Just click on the download button below and it will take you to a clean version of this cute five-page printable activity for families.

What Creative Ways Are You Using Zoom?

Have any clever creative ways that you use Zoom? Drop them here and maybe I will give them a try too.

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