Happy New Year Printable Colouring Pages

Here’s to a Happy New Year for everyone. Hoping this Happy New Year Printable Colouring Page and New Year doodle bring some cheer to your life.

This past year has been a tough one for a lot of people. I’ve seen too many struggling with divorce and illness this year to feel like I have any right at all to complain about anything.



Here’s to New Beginnings

A new calendar year is a chance to throw open the blinds and let all the positivity and light and happiness into your home and your heart. That’s my philosophy, right now.

Heaven knows life is challenging here many days too. This past year has had many ups and downs. But the beauty of a new year is that it brings a clean slate so to speak.

Ask me again in March and we will see if I still feel positive about what’s on the horizon.

I am evolving again this year as the industry continues to change. Content and social media are always evolving and I love that, but 2018 was an uphill battle many days. One major non profit client defaulted on a contract and didn’t pay and we had to part ways early in the year. That cost me thousands of dollars. Could I have taken them to small claims court? Maybe. Not really an option or a great use of my time, when in fact they are a non profit.


I have worked extremely hard to balance many things this past year and there have been many hurdles to overcome. But there have also been some great highlights. My travel adventures continue to be amazing. I’m working with a new technology, and also a brand new destination venue and both of those new projects are exciting and energizing. My health is good and I work hard at that so I cannot complain ever. There are far too many in my age group right now struggling with cancer and other devastating illnesses.


So I will continue to count my blessings right now and in 2019. I know you will as well.

This past year I have had bylines in magazines, both on line and in print, in places I had not been published before, so that’s been exciting. I intend to keep pursuing new bylines in established publications in 2019. So, I will continue to work and move more always and travel and love the people who occupy the biggest part of my heart.


Travel, health, love and family are all I need in life to be content and I look forward to a magnificent year ahead.

Happy New Year Printable Instructions:

To print these Happy New Year Printables and fun New Year’s colouring pages out you can either right click the image above and print them or print from the PDF link below.


What do you wish for in 2019?

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