King Tut Exhibit

Looking for a fun way to spend a rainy April afternoon? Why not drive to Toronto and head over to the Art Gallery of Ontario to take in the King Tut exhibit. The exhibit originally slated to close this week has been extended through May 2nd, so if you missed this one due to timing you have one more chance. Trust me, it’s worth it. The last time the exhibit of Tut’s treasures came to town was 25 years ago. The ancient Egyptian ruler has captured collective imaginations for many years because he was so young when he ruled at only nine years old and because of the mystery surrounding his death at 19. There are over 100 treasures and artifacts from the time of Egyptian pharaohs and the boy king. Weekday admission runs about $16, less depending on age of child. The AGO is located at 317 Dundas Street West. Some tips from me include taking the time afterwards to spend a $1 at the gift shop and make your own cartouche, a translation of your name into Egyptian heirogylphics. While in Mexico earlier this year, we were offered the chance to do this at a much higher cost, so this is a deal. No cameras allowed inside the exhibit and I wouldn’t really recommend this outing too much for anyone under the age of five. My two girls loved seeing the treasures. School aged children will get a lot out of this educational trip. My nephew was in a stroller and was content to be there, but this isn’t really an excellent place for toddlers. I advise purchasing the audio paddles for $5 for children. That way they are getting all the information, both visually and auditorially. The paddles cost extra but were worth it, especially for my little one who isn’t the best reader yet. A portion of the audiocast is narrated by Harrison Ford. This exhibit, a once in a lifetime opportunity, is worthy of $$$$$ out of $$$$$ on the thriftymommastips’ scale

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