Kisko Freezies #LinkedMoms twitter party RSVP

Q: What’s more refreshing than a Kisko Freezie after the big game? A: A twitter party about Kisko Freezies, in which you can also win $300 worth of prizes.
We are so happy to bring to you this great brand, a Canadian icon Kisko Freezie pops, as our guest May 8th at 8 p.m. EST. Kisko is well known at schools, because of their fundraising potential, and if you have kids then you probably also know they are 100 % safe for kids with peanut allergies. They are the go to Freezie pop for so many events and occasions.

 LinkedMoms, @inkscrblr and @downshiftingpro are ready to share contest information and details about this great company. Did you know Kisko started as a family run business? Did you know they have some amazing and fun games over on their Kisko Freezie web site? They also have several varieties with no sugar added.

Show them some love by following their twitter feed @KiskoFreezies and you can find them on Facebook too. Meanwhile, if you don’t follow linked moms, now is the time to get on board.

For this party, all are welcome to participate. Only Canadians can win the prizes though. Kisko is a Canadian company after all. In the mean time, pop in to your local grocery store and pick up a package of Kisko Freezies to go. When my kids were small Kisko freezies were the cure all for so many ills. Funny how they are so easily associated with boo boos in our home. When the girls scraped their knees and bandaids weren’t enough, a Kisko Freezie did the trick. And my smartie husband used to also use them to test when the girls thought they broke their wrist or hurt their hand and the dramatic teardrops started falling. Hand them a Kisko freezie and if they held it fine and stopped crying, well clearly their hand was not broken. That stopped many a trip to ER.

Earlier this week I shared a save the date May 8th at 8 p.m. EST notice. Now I am sharing all the details and the RSVP. Be warned you can’t win if you don’t RSVP. These prizes are great! We have gift cards worth $300. You have to attend the twitter party to win and you have to actively participate. Prizes will be drawn consistently throughout the party.

Follow hosts: @inkscrblr

and don’t forget to show some love to our gracious @KiskoFreezies guest.
One early prize will be given to someone on the RSVP list. Leave your twitter handle here on the RSVP list. A $25 Visa Gift card will be awarded May 1st. to someone who RSVP’s early. Don’t forget to leave a comment here too telling me which flavour is your favourite. Pop by Margarita’s blog when you have a chance Downshifting PRO posted some Kisko twitter party information over there too in her save the date post.

LinkedMoms chats are every Wednesday night at 8 p.m. EST.
Everyone is welcome to participate. Prize winners must have a Canadian address.

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