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I am an active mom. No two ways about it. With two very busy girls, I have to stay active. Fitness and healthy living are ways of life here. Ever since I turned 40 I have noticed a few things: metabolism slows, maybe not the second you hit forty, but I tell you it does, slowly and surely. This winter, I worked out consistently, ate the same as ever, and yet, I cannot shred this five extra pounds that settled on my hips and butt. That doesn’t make me happy. I work out to maintain health, stay fit, slender and energized. My fitness routine is varied: I do weights and pilates, yoga, centergy and core and whatever else I twitch on in any given week. When I miss my workout I see my stress level rising as my energy shrinks. That’s not okay.
Nutrition is always an area that can be improved. For years, I have had yogurt every morning. It is my breakfast routine – with a side of coffee. I am not huge on indulging first thing in the morning, so yogurt has always been a good simple hit of calcium and protein for me. But this week I discovered Yoplait Source Greek Yogurt. Now, I am extremely fussy about Greek yogurt. I have tried many brands and found them either too sweet, or too thick. So I was quite skeptical Yoplait Source Greek Yogurt would be different. But it is. It is smooth and tasty, and not full of sugar. Plus, it tastes great. Sadly, I am battling my kids for it daily though because they love it as much as I do.
Lately my husband has been doing a lot more reading about nutrition and exercise too. He is on his own parallel fitness journey through martial arts and has lost all the excess fat on his body (not jealous at all). He works hard on leg lifts and supermans and all that hardcore ab work at home all the time too. But just a week or so ago he brought me an article about increasing protein to cut mid-day craving and boost your health living routine. Yoplait Source Greek Yogurt, I noticed, has double the protein of your average yogurt and only 50 calories. I am now newly committed to proving this theory that extra protein will help take me to the next level with my fitness and nutrition journey. 
This extra nutritional resource, the added protein, low calorie Yoplait Source Greek Yogurt and my new 30 Day Squat Challenge means my body should be ready for the beach right around the time that summer hits us full force. And I’ll be kicking my metabolism into high gear with extra protein. Take the squat challenge with me and go pick up some of this great Greek Yogurt. 
Oh, and I almost forgot…I get to give away a $100 gift card to Lululemon and four free coupons for the  Yoplait Source Greek Yogurt. Canada only, please.
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