My New Baby Blogger Brooke

Instagram courtesy of Brooke Berry (with her son)
Brooke writes at

My blog is on the grow again. No secret my budding tweens and school aged kids are far too old for baby items and toddler products too. Mine are more inclined to be asking to do babysitting these days than to be asking to review baby products. In fact, baby stuff is not so cool when you are eight. Although some days I wish it were so. Luckily I have a new and fabulous blogger Brooke Berry, of Calgary, a mom of three and a really lovely lady. So happy to have her here.

So, Brooke, or Brooklyn has three boys, two are twins aged seven months and one Jett is three. How much do I love that name? Brooke says she writes about everything that she loves; Interior design, D.I.Y. projects, books, music, crocheting and anything else she sees that makes her think:“That’s Awesome!” She is a talented lady. Pop by her blog for savvy decorating ideas. 
 Her home is in Calgary, Canada with her husband, and 3 sons. Diet coke and hot yoga keeps her sane. My kind of gal. Hot yoga is a favorite no matter where you live. Now, show her some love, please. She is on twitter here:
So from now on contact and I will connect you with Brooke if you have great baby or toddler products. And if you have children’s events in Calgary, she’s your girl. Now we have you covered in two provinces. 

Mom of two beautiful active girls, traveller, fitness junkie, social media consultant, and keeper of the sanity.