Best Birthday Gifts for Crafty Kids: Kiwi Crate Review

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I was going to show you the web site for Kiwi Crate, but then I realized I needed to capture how fun this experience is. I spied Kiwi Crate crafting experiences on line, likely in someone’s twitter mentions at some point and realized I really wanted to take a peek under the hood so to speak. So the Faboosh people at Kiwi Crate sent me one this week. 
My girls are craft crazy. They always have been. My oldest child at the age of three would endlessly search the house for recyclables to turn into crafts. She has yet to grow out of this. I sent her to an artsy preschool because it was abundantly clear very early on that she liked to create things – art, experiments, plays, dolls, painting, pictures, sculptures. In her hands, everything is a canvas. Nothing leaves our home without her screening and attempting to retrieve said bit of material for a craft. Meanwhile my younger daughter is super athletic girl, but crafting, painting and drawing also make her little heart sing.
I was a wee bit skeptical at first that Kiwi Crate could offer us something we didn’t already have, or fill a niche that isn’t already met somehow by someone somewhere in the crafter’s world, but I stand corrected. I love this concept. It is a perfect little package of some surprise craft projects sent each month to your little one. Kiwi Crate is the ultimate craft experience for Do-It-Yourself Kids. Kiwi Crate is a magical, high quality family fun activity that you give your sweet child each month.
While Kiwi Crate notes in their materials that the boxes are targeted to those aged 3-7, my youngest daughter is 8 and was insanely happy to get the crate. We cracked it open and had fun. There was a wee bit of enviousness from the 11-year-old here too. I have noted that this is clearly a Mama who created Kiwi Crate, because they have sibling options they call No Fight options. The regular monthly crates cost $19.99. (But for an extra $7.95 you can tick the no fight option and have two of everything mailed to you in the crate. )
Whose child doesn’t love mail? Well, I haven’t met a child yet who doesn’t love getting a package in the mail. So first off there’s a lovely little green package addressed to your son or caught. Inside, it’s sealed and wrapped in tissue and underneath there was a pristine little packaged note with a set of scissors perfect for little hands and not too sharp. There were two full projects with extremely high quality wool and all the details and little handy dandy tools for DIY crafty kids. There were several extra little colouring books and booklets. This kit contained everything my daughter needed to make two sturdy and novel craft projects. (I am adding this to my post as a follow up so you know these are officially available to Canada now and I get to give you $10 off if you follow this link to save on Kiwi Crate here.
I really can’t say enough about this product. Kiwi Crate is the birthday party gift I will send everyone this year. My daughter raced home from school two days in a row to get crafting with Kiwi Crate. Kiwi Crate is the perfect gift, for any occasion. It’s not overly gender specific and that appeals to us because my girls some days want to make cars and play with Hot Wheels, then the next day they want to play with paints and dolls. My daughter Ainsley made the Pom Pom pet the first night, dubbed him Squiggles, and took him to school to show everyone. The next night she raced home with Squiggles to start the second craft which was a full puppy playground set.
As an aside here, I had never even seen these Glue Dots that came with the kit before. I was thrilled in a weird Mom way to discover cool new craft supplies inside. A dot of glue that you transfer onto the craft without all the messiness of glue bottles? Brilliant! Also this packaged boxed present of crafts contains the mess inside a small space. I love that! For a limited time, subscribe to their newsletter, by leaving your email in the popup window on their site and you can win a free year of Kiwi Crates for someone you love.
These people know their stuff. Kiwi Crate is NOT just a box full of craft supplies. It’s a craft experience   promoting family time and creativity and imagination while developing fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. We loved this one. It gets our highest rating. In fact I would give it a higher rating if I could. Kiwi Crate ships to the USA right now. But it launches in Canada on March 11th!!
So happy spring Canada. This is a gift to you. Now go order one on March 11th. I will be first in line.
Kiwi Crate is $19.95 each month and shipping is free. There are 3 month, six month and annual subscriptions available. It gets my $$$$$ out of $$$$$ rating. There are also various amazing and creative options on the site too. So, you can order individual themed kits like super hero capes, fairy fun, or Do It Yourself Making Music single kits. You can also order mini kits as loot bags for your child’s birthday party, or event. They are all different themes and prices. Look at all the awards these guys have won. Kiwi Crate is one of Dr. Toy’s 100 Best Children’s Products 2012.
(It’s one of’s Best Children’s Products of 2013 too!)
I received product in order to facilitate this review. My opinion is all my own. I adore Kiwi Crate. I plan to send one to my nephew too.

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