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A few weeks ago I was invited to attend a Simon and Schuster Canada shindig with the awesome Wanda @YMCBookalicious. We attended author Alison Griffith’s book launch and tweetup of sorts. It was a hoot as most of us attempted to comprehend the savvy investment industry. Alison’s book, Count on Yourself, thankfully explains things a bit (Just a wee bit) better than I can, and may lead you to investment success. Anyways, it was one of those affairs where some swag was given out to the attendees. Like little grown up loot bags for people who blog. This amazing little set was inside mine from Priya Means Love. Priya Means Love is a line of natural, mostly organic cosmetics and it is absolutely 100% beautiful. Priya Narasimhan lives in Toronto and sells her wares on Etsy and in some stores within the GTA area. Also available at grassrootsstore.com in Toronto. There are gorgeous headache remedies in precious glass jars and sinus balm, as part of the handmade medicinals line. The sinus balm is a hit here. It is all natural and made from things like grapeseed oil, rosemary extract, eucalyptus and lavender, as well as organic peppermint and balsam fir. I love this soothing scent and my children are used to it, plus I feel good about applying it to them when they are stuffed up (happens a lot around here) There is also a beautiful skin care line of body butters and eye remedies that combine some of the best things found in nature and make them magically appealing to the eye and the senses just for you. There is also a hair care line too. Honestly I love these pretty little packages. I have to hide them from my girls because they always enjoy these gifts as much or maybe even more than I do. So when I received this lovely package from Priya, whose name really does mean love in Sanskrit, I quickly thought of my readers and wondered if you guys and gals would enjoy winning a Priya Means Love product. Priya, a gracious, generous and creative Toronto entrepreneur immediately offered her 1 0z tin of sinus balm (valued at $10 US) for one of my readers. The sinus balm is all natural. It is intended to be rubbed on your chest when you are having allergies or colds that simply need a bit more tender loving care than usual. Priya’s story is interesting. She was already committed to eating natural and organic foods when she became a bit disgusted with the discord between what she put in her body and “the chemical goo” she put on her hair and skin. She was an academic who found herself diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic pain. She was having difficulty working due to the health issues and through trial and error found that her chemical sensitivities responded best to organic foods and all natural cosmetics. So she began Priya Means Love, running out of The Annex in Toronto. For more information, visit her site. http://www.priyameanslove.com You will adore the packaging as much as I do and the product will become a staple in your home. This giveaway is open to US and Canada and will be shipped by Priya.
So to win this great sinus balm Priya and I both ask that you show her some love. 

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