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The Magic of London and RBC Gives Back on Bluewater Day #Ad #YXU #RBCBluewater

I didn’t always live in London. Years ago I applied to Western University, got accepted and then chose to go to University of Waterloo instead. I was drawn to the coop program in Waterloo and it was closer to my family in Guelph. At 19 that mattered. I met my husband and we got married and for a time we considered moving to BC. Different things began to matter. Building a family and creating new starts. We moved to London, Ontario. The city where I built a small business, as we created a home and a grew a family.

In London, we found our daughters, both of whom we adopted. I still believe that wouldn’t have happened anywhere else.

London was definitely not love at first sight. In fact for me, it was a slow process that built over the years. As my daughters grew, so did my love for this city. When you build a family you start to grow outwards into the community where you live. You make friends, you interact and attend events, you take your kids places, you visit parks and pools, museums and community centres, and you sometimes take the backdrop of those events for granted. I am often asked by family members in other cities – “so how’s London?” In my field, social media consulting, I travel a lot and that also helps give me perspective. People often ask – “London, really?” The inference is everyone that is anyone lives in, or near Toronto.

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Still I choose London.

London has amazing children’s programs. The preschools here were, and still are, exceptional. The extra curricular programs like Original Kids Theatre Company, the various swimming programs, the kid’s sports, martial arts dojos, hospitals and schools all won my heart. The YMCAs and community centres are always bustling. The parks and trails in London are gorgeous and plentiful. The trees are magnificent. From bike paths to skating rinks, London has incredible spaces for outdoor activity. This summer we plan to explore some more of the walking trails scattered around the city. Even the wildlife in my own neighbourhood is remarkable. The physical environment of London is wonderful and beautiful and the city itself is full of opportunity. You can’t love London without loving the Thames River. The river is the thing that nourishes and helps provide for much of the wildlife and activity in this city.

The Thames River winds right through the city of London. It is a large part of the culture and natural beauty of the city. It flanks one of our most popular venues, Harris Park, which will be lit up with fireworks this week. At the Forks of the Thames there’s a really great children’s splash pad and an artistic fountain that will remind you, in case you forget, how beautiful the river can be. When I learned recently that the RBC Bluewater project was coming to the city to help clean up and protect the Thames River, I was immediately interested. On June 4, RBC employees helped Reforest London plant trees along the Thames River to nurture and protect the Thames and the city itself. It was called RBC Bluewater Day. How do trees help the water? Well, that’s something you might not give a lot of thought to, but the trees help the river to be healthy. Planting trees along the Thames helps absorb stormwater and protect against floods. In other cities the RBC Bluewater Day makeovers included cleanups along riverbeds like the Ottawa River.

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Did You Know?

Of all the water on earth only 1 % of it is available to us to use.

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World-wide RBC employees came together to build 850 community Blue Water Makeover projects.

Each of these Blue Water makeovers was intended to help protect the water we love where we live.

I love my local water because it helps set the stage for wildlife, trails, forests, trees and all of the amazing things every Londoner enjoys by virtue of living in this city. The river running through this city helps to give London many things, not the least of which is its character. Keeping the Thames River healthy is important to all who live in London. Many thanks to RBC employees for giving back to the city I love.

This post is generously sponsored by RBC. My opinion is all my own.

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