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10 AWESOME Power Rangers Ideas – Crafts, Costumes and Recipes

One weekend recently I visited my niece and nephews in Toronto. We always have a great time when we drive to Toronto to see them and we had a delicious ham dinner too. My niece and nephews are 8, 6 and 3 and they are busy kids. The boys adore baseball so my youngest spent a lot of time playing catch. After dinner the TV went on. Netflix of course. My niece started jumping up and down singing the Power Rangers theme song, so that was what the kids ended up watching.


The Power Rangers are so old they are new again. That totally astonishes me. But it really shouldn’t by now I suppose. Everything new and nostalgic is fair game for TV and Movie producers these days. Anyways, I really could not get into the show and found it super ridiculous. But the kids loved it.

My teen was not at all buying the special effects. But it really didn’t matter because the kids were cuddled up and quiet and calm and she enjoyed the snuggles. LOL. That got me wondering if there were any great posts out there about Power Rangers Ideas that I could share with my readers. So, here are a few costumes, crafts and treats you can make with your Power Ranger wannabes.

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TEN Power Rangers Ideas:

Go Go Power Rangers!! Never stop Never stop! I had to do it. At least you can’t hear me singing.

1. DIY Power Rangers Shirt
2. Power Ranger Coloring Pages
3. Power Ranger Cube Craft
4. Printable Power Rangers Coloring Masks
5. DIY Power Rangers Party Punch Box
6. DIY Power Ranger Paper Mache Pinata
7. Power Rangers Cupcakes
8. DIY Power Rangers Costume
9. Personalized Power Ranger Letter
10. Power Ranger Movie Punch Recipe

Do you remember the original Power Rangers? Which one were you?

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