150 Best Indian, Thai, Vietnamese and More Slow Cooker #Giveaway

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I love my slow cooker and I adore experimenting with recipe books. So naturally when this one came my way I saw a great opportunity to introduce my family to Indian and Thai food. I have never ever made Indian food before and my family is not accustomed to this style of cooking, so what fun! Anyways this amazing recipe book is all Indian, Thai and Vietnamese. There are over 150 different recipes. The book is published by Robert Rose. It is new and the author is Sunil Vijayakar.$27.95 in Canada. We tried Beef Madras. It was a treat. The recipe  book was filled with curry recipes and pilaf and Dhal and Masala. I  am so into the fact that  I can make all of these in my slow cooker. Anyways the beef madras was delicious. A lot of ingredients required, so it took me a couple of days hunting for cilantro and curry powder (mild) and coconut milk. The kids and my husband liked it, but they did find it a bit spicy. My one daughter: “Mom, my lips are on fire.” My husband and I were both pleasantly surprised by the recipe I tried. It lasted two days and he took it for lunch twice also. So it made a couple of batches, really helpful for my schedule.
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How tasty does that look?
Anyways one of my readers can win this one also. Tell me one different food your kids like. This one gets a $$$$$ out of $$$$$ because it is full of great recipes and invaluable. This is a paperback by the way.

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