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7 Ways to Manage Ant Control on A Camping Trip

When ant control is out of control at a camp site it can undermine a peaceful, relaxing getaway. So what can you do to fix this issue when you are temporarily living outdoors?

Camping is supposed to be relaxing and enjoyable – a time to destress and be immersed in nature. But that’s not always the case when insects or wildlife intrude on your fun. Dealing with skunks, pests or ants at your camp site can be a hassle.

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Ants can be a pesky annoyance or a gigantic pain in the butt if you spend any amount of time outdoors. Add food to a campsite and it’s a magnet for ants. If a camper spends the majority of their time trying to hide their food from insects and wildlife, or trying to achieve ant control while camping, where’s the joy in that?

You want to hike, canoe, kayak, or swim when camping. Maybe you want to gaze at the stars. In fact, for many people, ant control might seem a time-wasting part of the camping experience, but there are a few things you can learn from insects and pests if you watch their behaviour. For instance, insects and animals search for food by the easiest means to help them survive. When campers show up to a camp site it means easy pickings for them.

Humans in most cases are messy eaters. Crumbs and pieces of food litter a camp site after we eat. Scout ants pick up on the food content and alert the others of food in the area. Before long you have a steady stream of ants heading for your camp site and that is not good. It is bad enough for any camper to battle the wildlife and other insects of the woods with out having to deal with ants in their food at camp.

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Take Charge of Ant Control When Camping

  1. Keep all foods in their containers sealed.
  2. Clean up after meals and pick up as much food that has fallen to the ground as soon as possible.
  3. Carry waste food away from the camp site and dispose of it.
  4. Use a bucket of water and wash down the area after all meals.
  5. Inspect the area in which you are setting up camp for ant mounds.
  6. Use empty jar lids or cans filled with water to set the legs of fold out tables into. The ants will not attempt to go through the water to climb the table.
  7. Keep foods such as breads or cereals off of these tables. Birds will break open seals and help themselves and the ants will not be far behind.

Don’t Let Ants Control Your Camp Site

There are no foolproof ant control methods to keep ants out of your camp site or food, but you can increase your odds by keeping the camp site neat and clean. Same can be said of keeping ants out of your home actually too. Here are a few All Natural Pest Control ideas for ants in your home.

Having empty soda cans or empty chip wrappers laying around will invite any animal or insect to your camp site. Keep all trash and waste food away from the ground. Hang it by a string or rope from a tree limb. Or better yet, dispose of all food refuse immediately. Take it to the garbage and recycling area at the camp site.

Take care of how you store your food in an open camp site. Ants scavenge off the results of larger animals that feed too and this is important to remember while you are camping out.

Pesky Intruders

While people see ants as pesky intruders, campers and picnic goers have battled the problem forever. Avoid the problem with clean habits and you are much better off.

Hang food up in trees, keep the food sealed, and yet the ant seems to overcome the insurmountable odds of finding out how to get into camper’s food sources. Ants are survivors, and they are resourceful and strong. Cleanliness is almost always the best way to keep ants away.

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