DIY Easter eggs and bunnies banner
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DIY Easter Egg and Bunnies Banner

Looking for a cute craft to make your home look ready for Easter? This DIY Easter banner with Easter eggs and bunnies is easy to make and so sweet. It has a shabby chic kind of feel and the kids will love it and it costs very little to make. Plus, seriously who doesn’t love bunnies?

DIY Easter eggs and bunnies banner
DIY Easter egg and bunnies banner

Spring Fever

Easter is fast approaching and so is spring which means spring cleaning and DIY decorating and all things bright and cheery. I am a little sad that ski season is ending only because our entire family just learned how to ski and it was fabulous. Now the girls are totally  addicted to skiing. So am I. Apparently we shouldn’t have waited until March to learn to ski.

Outdoor Activities

Anyways, I have plenty of awesome spring and summer activities and sports I love too. In fact, won’t it be lovely just to get out and go for a walk? I have been walking much of the winter, but there were dozens of days when the path back home was so treacherous I worried I’d never make it. And all the minus 25 Celsius weather was a bit exhausting.

Just a couple of short weeks and we’ll be seeing the bunnies out in the yard. There was one last year living under some of the deck near the pool. Then there were two skunks also out there last spring, oh and a duck we named Beauford. The kids are already asking if he will be back. Anything is possible in the spring!

Fun and Easy Easter Crafts

This year we are tackling some fun spring crafts here. This is an easy to make DIY Easter Banner featuring eggs and bunnies too. With just a few supplies and a half an hour you can create this easily. While you are here don’t forget to check out this post on Creative Easter Egg Decorating.

DIY Easter egg and bunnies banner
These are the supplies needed for the DIY Easter egg and bunnies banner


DIY Easter Banner Supplies:

decorative paper
transparent tape
glue gun or glue dots
template outline of bunny and egg
embellishments for paper (scrabooking and card making supplies)
cotton balls
lace or ribbon
DIY Easter eggs and bunnies banner
trace them out – DIY Easter eggs and bunnies banner

The Easter Banner Tutorial:



Trace 7 Bunnies (approx 8 inches tall shown) on your choice of decorative paper.
DIY Easter egg and bunnies banner
Cut out the eggs and the bunnies for this Easter banner.
Trace 6 eggs onto a plain paper (purple shown) with the height and width accommodating the size of your shipboard letters. (approx.5  1/2 inches tall shown)
Cut out all the Easter banner pieces.
Glue the cotton tail to the cotton tail. Then attach a fluffy cotton ball tail to each bunny.
DIY Easter egg and bunnies banner
DIY Easter egg and bunnies banner
Using a glue gun, attach ribbon, lace and embellishments to decorate the Easter eggs. Make them as pretty or as quirky as you want. 
DIY Easter egg and bunnies banner
DIY Easter egg and bunnies banner
Lay out your bunnies and eggs in the order and with the spacing that you want on your finished banner.
DIY Easter eggs and bunnies banner
Attach bunnies and eggs to the string. Now measure out your twine so that there is extra on each side of the Easter banner for hanging.
DIY Easter egg and bunnies banner
Starting at the first bunny, start attaching the twine to the back of the bunnies and eggs using a piece of tape on each.
Your banner is ready to hang!
TIP: by using tape instead of glue to secure the pieces first, you are able to adjust them after you hang the banner.
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Have a Happy Easter with this DIY Easter egg and bunnies banner

I hope you have a wonderful Easter and I also hope you have some time to spend with family. This simple tutorial  for the DIY Easter egg and bunnies banner will look wonderful hanging near your kitchen. Or maybe hang it off the mantel this year! If you make one please return and leave a comment for me. I love to hear all about it when readers make the crafts or Easter recipes shown here.

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  • brook devis

    oh i am so excited that easter is coming soon and this is a great post. i am definatly gonna try this diy with my cousins and am sure we will have fun doing this. please share other diys about easter if you have thanx a lot

  • Pauline C.

    That’s such a cool and artsy craft! I can probably make these since it’s not that hard. My nieces and nephews will be with me for Easter, so I have someone to decorate the house with!

  • Cara (@StylishGeek)

    I love this DIY! It is so easy to make, very simple in instructions, and yet the result is absolutely creative! I will definitely give this a try. I need to spruce up my home for Easter! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Amanda

    This is seriously one of the cutest DIY Easter banners I have ever seen. Love your paper choice for the bunnies. But the real stars have to be the adorable eggs. I absolutely love how you decorated them and I can’t wait to copy them. Pinning!

  • Tammilee Tips

    Oh my goodness this is absolutely adorable!! I think my favorite part is the bunny tail made out of a cotton ball. This is a great easy craft to make for Easter and I love how easy it is to customize!

    • Paula

      Thanks Tammilee! I think it’s adorable too. I have been following your travels by the way. Hope you are having a great time in Thailand.

  • Lauren

    I can’t get over how absolutely adorable this is!! I love how you not only cut out the bunnies and made a garland, but you added little cotton tails! I am totally pinning this!

  • Victoria

    I love this activity. I still have not decided what I am going to do with the kids for Easter yet though. I think we may go to church or possibly see if my mom wants to do a family dinner.

  • April

    What a cute crafting idea! So far I have only put out one Easter decor thing, so maybe I will give this a try. I believe I am hosting Easter dinner this year and need to decorate some.

  • John Lopez

    Wow, I really love this time of the year, Easter is such a special holiday and brings back the memories of my childhood. Easter Egg Hunts, chocolate, and more chocolate. These are such nice decorations and would make any Easter celebration beautiful.

  • Lou Lou Girls

    This looks amazing! You are so talented. Pinned and tweeted. Thanks for being a part of our party. I hope to see you tonight at 7 pm. Happy Monday! Lou Lou Girls