A Travel Printable for Kids – How I Spent 2019

Oh my goodness we have rarely travelled as much as we did together in 2019. Now that ski season is almost here again my youngest daughter keeps asking: “Hey Mom, can we do a trip like we did last season?”

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Kids Can Reflect on a Fun Year Too!

Last season, for your information we took an epic trip of 12 Days, nine to ten of those were straight days of skiing!” Yes, ski season was fantastic this year!

I wish we could do an epic trip like that every single year, but it seems unlikely. Sometimes, these trips come together last minute, especially when you are a travel writer. Last minute trip offers arrive and you know to gather all of the things fast and get going. Sometimes, that adds to the excitement and occasionally that is tricky with kids in tow.

Now that I have teenagers I’d like to think it is a bit simpler because they are able to do some things themselves. In fact, my teens are skilled travellers at this point because they have been picking up and jetting off or road tripping with us from the time they were small beans. So, they have the skills to do some of the preparation themselves.

Taking Stock of Memories

At the end of any given year it is customary to pause and reflect on things that happened that year. So, I figured this cute kid’s travel printable could help you to do the same. If you took any adventures together as a family, here’s a travel printable children’s activity sheet they can do.

Cute printable kid’s activity sheet about trips taken throughout the year.

This season, at the end of the year I thought it would be amazing to pull together a sweet kid’s travel printable here, one that encourages literacy and also helps to celebrate some of the great family trips you have all had. While my kids are older and they are more likely to text or post to instagram than do a worksheet, there’s still room for fun imaginative children’s pursuits.

So, that said, I might print this off and mail it out to my niece and nephews so they can reflect on their trip to Alberta, or their visit to Aunt Paula’s house in London in the summer. I will forever remember that trip even though it didn’t involve any travel for me, because they came here and one came for a sleepover and during the day we swam and then raced out to watch my older nephew play baseball. Such sweet memories. In fact, I might even lay some of these on the table here, so the kids can doodle and fill it out and have some positive thoughts and memories about what we did this past year.

Where We Were This Year


My Facebook memories and Instagram memories remind me of where we were one year ago on this day and two years ago this month and so forth. Nothing makes me happier some days than seeing these memories in my feed.

Ski Season 2018/2019

In March of this year, we started our road trip from home and went straight to Okemo Ski Resort in Vermont then up over to Sugarbush to celebrate their 60th birthday at one of my favourite ski resorts ever. After three days at Sugarbush, we went to Sunday River Maine and finally on to Quebec City and Hôtel de Glace!!

That was just March! After that came Missouri Lake of the Ozarks, and Oregon and Vermont again for the first time ever in the summer months, and Rochester, New York and Finger Lakes!

How to Use This Travel Printable for Kids

As always, this is a quick reminder that this is mine and it is protected by copyright. It is an original work owned and created by Thrifty Mommas Tips. You may print this out and fill it in with your kids. But please do not reprint, or republish it on your site. That is stealing and when I find this somewhere else stolen I will report it to google, so don’t do it.

Get This Adorable Kid’s Travel Printable

Here’s what you need to do. Right click on the image above and then save it and print it and have fun. OR click on the PDF link below and print it out.


Have Fun! If you ever have questions about sharing my content or linking to it with proper attribution please ask. I am always willing to answer your questions especially as an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I’d rather clarify now than have to chase down stolen content and engage Google in getting it removed.

Did you travel much this year? Did you use this Kid’s Travel Printable with your family, your homeschool or your class? Please leave me a comment and let me know, or send me a photo. That makes me happy.

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Wishing You a Great Holiday Season!

Happy New Year! Here’s to many safe and memorable trips this coming year!

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