American Girl’s First Ever Blogger Event #BittyBaby

The years are brief, in which girls play with dolls. Blink your eyes and they are almost done. Even shorter, if you have a sporty girl who had no interest in anything girly until very recently. So colour me happy and a wee bit shocked too when this one – who has been christened sporty spice, bug, two foot tornado and Hurricane Ainsley at various points in her short nine years – decided she was a doll girl.

She is prone to these whiplash about turn moments now as a young almost tween. So, when I was invited to an American Girl event this year I was thrilled to take it all in and share some of it with her later.


Embracing American Girl Dolls

This past year when my oldest child received a gorgeous doll for Christmas, Ainsley suddenly really wanted a nice life-like doll of her own. I knew she wanted to dress it up, and carry the doll around town to take on our adventures and rehearse life. Well, I put her off for awhile because she has a tendency to um…let’s say – be very hard on her toys and clothes and etc. So, when I got an invitation to the first ever American Girl blogger event in Chicago at Blogher 13 this summer, well I was super-secretive and extremely happy.

From the moment I walked through the doors of the American Girl event and building I was completely overwhelmed. The dolls are undeniably beautiful. There are so many with personalities fully formed and great backstories. The building has a boutique, a reading area, a photo studio and a Bitty baby nursery. The clothing is adorable and I have to confess that I went back for a second visit. This was such a unique environment that I really had to soak it all in. There’s something charming about the store that transports you bad to your own childhood magically.


It took me forever to find the right doll for Ainsley. Mostly because the selection is so vast.

Doll of the year Saige appealed to me because Saige likes horses and art. Ainsley rides at Sari therapeutic riding. So I picked out Saige and had her sent home to meet me when I returned. It was a great choice. I wasn’t fast enough to capture Ainsley’s face when she first saw the red box on her bed. She screamed for Payton and went running to her sister’s room to show her the box. Together, they opened it. Ainsley loved her instantly. That was so very worth the trip to Chicago.



A Book Too?

A book comes with each named doll. Together, we are all reading Saige’s story of activism (Okay, seriously, could I have picked a more perfect doll for this family?) There are other dolls that have curly hair and short hair and have every potential combination of colours and eye shades. Those dolls come with a charm. Saige has accessories that suit her New Mexico lifestyle and can be bought separately. She has a balloon and Ainsley is now asking for the horse.

Do you see the hearing aid? How awesome is that? I love that these dolls have taken special needs into account.

Why I Love This Brand

What I love about American Girl is the wholesomeness of the dolls. American Girl dolls are dolls for girls, not dolls pretending to be what someone thinks girls want to look like when they grow up. They are really well constructed and beautifully packaged and there is every piece of clothing and accessory you could ever imagine available for the American Girl doll. I was initially worried about the price as a thrifty mom. But quality isn’t something you can always put a price tag on and $100 for the doll with book wasn’t too much in my opinion.


Bitty Line Up

The American Girl blogger event was all about the newly expanded Itty Bitty line. So the baby dolls. The line of Bitty dolls expands on August 27th to include even more dolls that look like your little girl. There are now 11 options and you can match the Bitty dolls to your child’s skin tone, eye and hair colour. They are soft, cuddly and precious and of course well constructed as well. Each blogger was given one, sent to their home after the event ended. My daughter is not getting her baby until Christmas, but I made sure to buy some diapers and change matts and other accessories because she is at the age where Ainsley loves to diaper her cousins and she loves to help with babies. I can’t wait to share those Christmas pictures.

What are Bitty Baby’s About?

Bitty Baby’s also have a great line of books authored by a Newberry award-winning author. Sure to make story time even sweeter.
Raising a daughter is a unique experience and it can be so rewarding. I am fully aware that the time goes fast though so embracing their childhood and youth is something I try to do often. Educational toys and toys that encourage creative play are ones I celebrate and love having in my home.


Thanks so much to American Girl and Jenny Ingram and Danielle Smith for the amazing event. It was the biggest highlight of the Blogher after conference parties for me. This Canadian loved the American Girl store. A night to remember!!
I attended a great event and received a Bitty doll from the event. My opinion is my own.

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