1. Jo-Anna@APrettyLife says

    You are so right…luck really does come in so many shapes and forms. Valentines Day makes me feel very lucky for the family I have as well…my kids would be so happy to receive these Kinder Eggs for Valentines Day! Enjoy love day with your beautiful family!

  2. Christine Lee-McNaughton says

    Awwww! I love it!! Little One’s giving out Kinder Surprise eggs to her classmates and friends for Valentine’s Day too! Love being a #Kindermom! I’m the coolest mom in town because of those things! LOL!

  3. Jonnie (JB) says

    I think a positive outlook will make you feel luckier than winning something ever could. That said, I love to enter contests and win fun things. Kinder is giving away some pretty amazing prizes and I love that there will be so many winners!

  4. Sarah Kertcher says

    I can totally relate to the lucky in love sentiment! I really realized that the other day when my son came up to me for no reason and told me I was beautiful! Huge sentiment from a 5 year old!

    Totally loving this contest as I’d love to take my kids to Orlando!

    Thanks for sharing!