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Are you Lucky? – Crack ‘N Win #Kindermom

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We all view luck just a little bit differently. 
Some people think you are lucky if you win the lotto. Some are at the opposite end of the spectrum thinking luck is only a thing that you build with hard work. You make your own luck.
I am somewhere in the middle.  I work hard and I try to change the things that I can change in life and influence the world around me in a positive way. I’ve won a couple of awards for working hard doing that thing that I love – writing and telling stories. But I’ve never really won anything material or financial. While I’d love to win the lotto, I don’t really ever expect to. In the meantime, I save and invest. And I occasionally enter a contest or two.
This is a post about luck, in honour of these new Crack ‘N Win limited edition Kinder Surprise eggs. 
So how am I lucky? I am lucky in love. I have a great husband, a pair of beautiful girls and a family I am extremely grateful for. This time of year, as Valentine’s Day rolls around and people reflect on love, I am extremely conscious that love and luck are intertwined often, and there is no clearer example of that than families formed by adoption. 
Lucky is the moment when you get the phone call from Children’s Aid, or your private adoption worker saying you’ve been matched with a baby. There is no moment more magical than that. No bigger jackpot. For at least the first six years after our oldest daughter made us parents we felt like we  were the luckiest people on earth to be gifted a healthy baby girl after several years of marriage and a whole lot of health care ups and downs. Luck is the second time you are matched with a baby every bit as precious and wonderful as the first. Luck is a family when you didn’t know if you’d ever actually have one. Luck, serendipity, social workers, a streak of sadness and a heavy dose of magic equals adoption.
This Valentine’s Day, we are giving away Kinder Surprise chocolate eggs to my daughter’s class. That’s one more example of luck in action. My daughter Ainsley has some amazing friends this year. They support her and embrace her unique personality. Some are brilliant little helpers. They are all great kids, but one or two are exceptional friends, understanding her brain injury and helping her when her memory fails. We encourage that where we can and make sure her friends realize a few treats throughout the year. Kindersurprises are magical at nourishing friendships.
Right now in specially marked Kinder Surprises, there is a code located on the product information that comes with the toy. Visit Kinder Canada’s Facebook page and enter the code to see if you win. There are over $2.4 million in prizes being given away right now. One lucky winner will crack open a code that wins a Fiat 500 POP, worth $20,000. There are 2 trips to Orlando to be won, and 27,000 family movie night prizes, as well as Kinder Canada merchandise. Good Luck! Crack open a Kinder Surprise, share one with a friend, celebrate the things that make you lucky, and win.
Disclosure: I’m part of the Kinder® Mom program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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  • Jo-Anna@APrettyLife

    You are so right…luck really does come in so many shapes and forms. Valentines Day makes me feel very lucky for the family I have as well…my kids would be so happy to receive these Kinder Eggs for Valentines Day! Enjoy love day with your beautiful family!

  • Jonnie (JB)

    I think a positive outlook will make you feel luckier than winning something ever could. That said, I love to enter contests and win fun things. Kinder is giving away some pretty amazing prizes and I love that there will be so many winners!

  • Sarah Kertcher

    I can totally relate to the lucky in love sentiment! I really realized that the other day when my son came up to me for no reason and told me I was beautiful! Huge sentiment from a 5 year old!

    Totally loving this contest as I’d love to take my kids to Orlando!

    Thanks for sharing!