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Beat Boredom By Building With K’NEX Mighty Makers #IAmAMightyMaker #Giveaways #TMMGG2015


K’NEX has a great reputation as a quality toy brand with educational potential for boys and girls who like to build. I always see their kits fully built out and tricked out inside toy store windows. I love some of the amusement park constructions and the more elaborate roller coaster builds are incredible. So, when K’NEX invited me to become a member of the K’NEX Blogger Network I was happy to join and test-drive the newest toys. Even I would welcome one of these K’NEX kits to build with. It’s fun for adults too. We received K’NEX Mighty Makers Home Designer kit to get started playing with a couple of weeks ago.


First up – The K’NEX Mighty Makers Home Designer Building Set, for ages seven and up. There’s a definite female flavour to this building toy. When it showed up the girls were thrilled to take a run at building the suggested plans. Both my girls are hands on learners and anything with a building or science component really captures their attention. My girls are 11 and 14 now and they both enjoyed this one. I also thought it was a lot of fun and had to explain to the kids that we did not have anything as fun or cute as this for girls interested in STEM learning when I was growing up. I never asked for building toys as a kid because they weren’t appealing to me. What I love about K’NEX Mighty Makers is that this type of toy allows more girls to explore that side of their brain. I think I would have loved one of these as a child. Shortly after I mentioned this to my girls I heard this: “Mom, do you want to play?” I can’t tell you how long it has been since we have done that. At 11 and 14 they have much less interest in sharing toys with MOM typically. Also it’s harder and harder to get them off their phones and IPADS. So, these are more reasons to love this toy.


There are four optional builds here with plans that come inside this home building set. But the possibilities really are endless. If you can picture it, you can build it. Once your child builds the one floor flat, or the two floor dollhouse complete with furniture and two small female characters – Brianna and Sophia, they can build something completely of their own design. These pieces lend themselves well to picture frames, and various other buildings or stores. Once you have a basic understanding of which pieces go together to build a strong foundation, the sky is the limit. My only tiny complaint with this kit is the tiny girl characters are very fragile. Their legs fall off too easily when playing.


This Mighty Makers building set has 433 pieces. Mighty Makers teaches kids about construction, engineering, architecture and spatial skills. It requires patience and strong hand eye coordination and it forces a child to focus. These are My daughters spent one hour the first night and then about two hours building this out the second night. It’s still sitting in the living room on the table in front of our sofa. Soon I will pull it apart and the kids can rebuild or build something new out of it.


My kids are getting a lot older and the oldest doesn’t have as much time for play together with her tween sister anymore. It’s simply life as a teenager. But I found them the other day making time to play together with this set. I can’t really put a price tag on that.

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The awesome people at K’NEX are giving one lucky reader a Mighty Makers Home Designer Building Set just like this one. So follow the instructions below to win.

I loved this toy myself and would buy it as a gift. I actually want several of the other related kits in this series. There is a ferris wheel and several vehicles and a clubhouse I would LOVE too.

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I am a member of the K’NEX Blogger Network and as such occasionally receive products and giveaways and special perks. My opinion is all my own.


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