Back to School Activity Book – 30 + Pages to Get Them Excited About School Now

Let me just note right off the bat that I support you and trust you all to make the right decisions for your family. This Back to School Activity Book is meant for you to share with your kids.

Oh, believe me, I know there’s never been a year that is more fraught with concern than this one. But Back to School season is coming, no matter what you think or where you stand on the back to school protocol for your region. I know it’s anxiety provoking. But, that said, it’s also extremely important not to convey too much of that to kids.

That’s why I wanted to share this adorable Back to School Activity Book with you all right now. Get them excited about the prospect of going back to school, whether that is in person, or at home remote learning. If you are a homeschooler then these games will be fun for you all too.

Word Games for Back to School

Listen, I love these adorable little word games and mazes. Even the Dot to Dots are fun. Your kids will go nuts for this Back to School Activity Book. This will also keep them busy for hours!

Here is a small example of the kinds of word games they can expect when you download this 30 PLUS page activity book for Back to School.


There are Crosswords, Dot to Dots, Find the Differences and even a Word Search or Two included. Also, as you can see here there’s a Snakes and Ladders style game and so much more!

Back to school games are a great way to get them excited about the idea of going back. I mean summer has to end some time. To be honest, part of me cannot wait for school to resume. This year, has been way too much because of the pandemic and I am ready for a little routine and structure to take over my days.

It’s Been a Tough Year!

I know we are not all on the same page this year. The pandemic has made us all stressed out and worried for our kids and our health. But, I just want to tell you here and now that I love you and respect you all. I support your decision whether that is keeping them home to learn remotely or sending them back to be physically in a classroom.

Parents, I know you have had a rough time and it has been a super stressful few months. But, bring on the Back to School Activity Book and the back to school word searches and games too. Every little bit counts in getting them back to school and enthused. That’s my theory anyways.

How to Download The Games

Don’t worry, I know life is hard enough. So, downloading this is super simple. Let me know if you have any issues. Most of these Puzzle Time Games have the answer key right alongside the puzzles so you can get the kids to cover them up while they are doing them and then reveal the answers if you get stuck.

Back to School Activity Book

Have Fun!!

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