Exclusive Launch of Gifts With Heart

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 This year I am tackling Christmas with a purpose. So, while this is an open invitation to brands to send me your pitches to be considered for inclusion in my gift guide, please understand that I am only accepting a select few gifts for this exclusive Gift Guide this year. The Thrifty Momma’s Tips 2014 Gift Guide will be focussing on Gifts With Heart.
We celebrate Christmas here in my home and we enjoy the time together and the moments spent creating memories, even the moments just cuddling up and watching a special movie. I love this season. But with a tween and a teenager, and my recent trip to Colombia to see all the amazing work organizations like World Vision Canada do all year round, this year gift giving will be different here.
I am approaching the holidays with a different theme. I will be sharing gifts with heart with my readers. What does that mean? It means these are gifts I would give. These might be special gifts to a charity close to my own heart, or donations to a special community group or space. It could be technology, or games, but nothing that isn’t family friendly and nothing that isn’t approved by me. And always they are gifts with the giver in mind. There will still be toys this year, and the occasional bottle of wine, but I am being very selective. (My niece and my nephews under six years old will be my only exception.) My readers don’t want to hear about more stuff. My readers are passionate about issues. I don’t really want more stuff this Christmas. I welcome Gifts With Heart. Please know that while I am always appreciative of the brands I work with here, I don’t need things this year. I am happy with what I have: a great family, a home, decent health and a job I love. I will give any extra items I receive this year to a local women’s shelter.
This year if you want to be considered for inclusion email me: at
If you want to send products for consideration, I ask that you email me first, please.
All items that are approved by me for inclusion in my Gifts With Heart #TMMGG2014 Gift Guide are to be negotiated individually and privately with me.
I am happy to include:
1. A sponsored post here, if the product meets my criteria. (Rate to be negotiated with each client)
2. Gift Guide items typically get a Pin to my Pinterest board #TMMGG2014.
3. All items get a mention on Facebook and a shout out on twitter multiple times over the course of 2 weeks. (minimum of 5 tweets) on @inkscrblr twitter account.
4. Gift Guide items will be shared to Instagram.
5. Gift Guide items will be shared on Google Plus.
That generates millions of impressions over the holiday season. I reserve the right to refuse any product.
Thank you and Happy Holidays!
This season let’s all remember the reason for the season and gift with passion and compassion.
This year I challenge all the brands and people and public relations contacts I work with to visit My Wishlist here and buy something for someone who needs it through World Vision Canada. Search for Paula Schuck’s Wishlist if you have any trouble. Happy Holiday Season!

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