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Be a Child Again with Hallmark Halloween Toys #Giveaway #LoveHallmarkCA


Every year Halloween promises to turn me back into a child again. Just as it does for many kids of all ages. Oh, I don’t get all dressed up or crazy about the holiday, but there’s something universally appealing about outfitting your house with fun toys and decorations. Hallmark has some extremely adorable offerings as gifts or decorations for your own home. This year I wanted to share some of the best new Hallmark Halloween toys. This year I have to tell you how much fun I am having with these. When a box of Hallmark Halloween toys arrives well that puts a smile on your face that ought to be illegal it’s so big.


My kids have been nuts for Scooby Doo since they were each about six. And I have fond memories of waking up every Saturday morning as a school child and tiptoeing downstairs so as not to wake my Mom, just to quietly watch Scooby on the television with my brother. It was one of our favourite TV shows. Now Scooby lives on in movies and books. My kids have read many Scooby books.


Every year Hallmark has a dancing Halloween toy that is legendary. I know this because each year I run a post about the dancing or singing Halloween toys and I see people search that out specifically on this site. They google which Hallmark toy sings and dances this Halloween? People love these fun toys! They make great gifts and they are also a lot of fun for us to play around with. This Halloween there are two great options: Scooby, shown above and Roary the Candy Monster. Roary is an adorable green monster with candy corn ears who sings: “I want candy.” He will be a smash hit with Halloween lovers everywhere. He sells for $17.95 with purchase of three Hallmark cards, or $32.95 otherwise.

And Scooby is just super fun for kids to play with.

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But the real showstopper this year for me is Bernie The Bat. Bernie The Bat has been hanging by my front door for about 10 days now. Bernie is motion activated and if you hang him near your door and wait for the kids to come home from school, well, that will be the best prank you’ve ever played on the little monkeys. I can’t even tell you how happy this toy makes me. Tonight as I was writing this post two children came to my front door selling chocolate and they both jumped as their MOM laughed at Bernie the Bat Drop ‘N Greet Bernie the Bat is my favourite Halloween toy ever. This year I have oneΒ to giveaway too! Bernie is $14.95 with any purchase or $19.95 without purchase. Hang him near the door. Go on! Β 

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I hung Bernie up as soon as we got him and waited for the kids to come home. My older daughter spied him right away and laughed her butt off when Bernie descended spontaneously and started talking. Then I went about my daily work here and waited. I almost forgot to come inside off the patio deck when it was time for Ainsley to come in. But something told me – my internal alarm – reminded me five minutes before her arrival time. I had to check my high school girl’s homework so I sat down at the dining room table and waited. Five minutes later I heard footsteps and then a shriek. “AHHHH, that scared me.” Followed by the sheepish I meant to do that shuffle inside. That was H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S. And consistently ever since I have managed to scare: my husband, the neighbours, and every single door to door salesperson. Bernie is the funniest Halloween toy ever!

This year there are dozens of plush characters too. The Hallmark Itty Bittys are super sweet. I could collect those endlessly, just as my daughter does with those Big Eyed Plushies.

Bernie the Bat also has a Book called Bernie and the Missing Trick-Or-Treaters at $9.95.

Back to Basic Door Decor BOO is classically simple and affordable at $7.95.

A Gravestone Graveyard scene is $39.95. Bewitching lights cast a ghostly spell in this decorative tabletop scene.

I am a Hallmark ambassador and as such I receive product from time to time. My opinion is my own and it is truthful.

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