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Digital business tools are crucial to succeed as an on line entrepreneur. You can have the best content and the best product, but if you’re totally disorganized or have no online presence, it doesn’t matter. Many a blog and business has died due to not leveraging the power of digital business tools to help them be seen and get organized. Here are five of the amazing digital business tools I love to help me get my hustle on every day.


5 Digital Business Tools to Take You to the Next Level

When I first started blogging, I had a highly sophisticated system of jot notes. I used this incredibly effective system to keep track of everything from non-compete issues to appointments. Random thoughts too about editorial content. It worked really well, (nope) but one day I thought to myself, could I be more efficient? Because this is the internet, I find it important to say that the previous sentence was absolutely dripping with sarcasm. And it turns out I COULD do better.


Every business owner needs powerful accounting software. I use FreshBooks because it makes it easy for me to track everything required to keep my business humming. With FreshBooks, I can keep all of my accounting records backed up in the cloud, and I can keep track of:

I can’t actually believe how I survived as a business before FreshBooks.  In fact, I really was just surviving though. Tax season was a nightmare every single year and the papers were filed but the invoices and expenses were hard to tally and organize every year at tax time. Thank heavens I found FreshBooks. It’s my favourite tool of all the business tools I use daily.


Sprout Social

Sprout Social is one of my favourite affordable digital business tools. It allows me to manage numerous social profiles and social media networks from one easy to use interface. This powerful tool offers the ability to manage almost any social aspect of your business including:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Social Customer Service
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Employee Advocacy
  • Social Media Image Resizing


I adore Dropbox. Almost all bloggers and businesses have to share tons of files. Some of those files are image files, which can be quite large. Dropbox allows users to easily upload files of any size to their Dropbox folder and share them with the people who need them. There are no size restrictions, and their storage options are expandable to fit your sharing needs.

Google Drive

Like Dropbox, Google Drive allows users to upload and share files with anyone anywhere in the world. In addition, Google Drive offers easy to use business tools like word processing and spreadsheets for easy word processing and spreadsheet production. AND these can be shared with others by simply adding their Google email address. Another bonus is that anyone with a Gmail account has access to Google Drive, and pretty much everyone has Gmail these days. Easy to use and seamless sharing.

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An indispensable tool of the trade, Tailwind is a must in anyone’s arsenal of digital business tools. Click here to get a free month of Tailwind. Tailwind makes it easy for users to manage virtually all aspects of their Pinterest and Instagram accounts (new) including:

  • Content Discovery
  • Post Scheduling
  • Conversation Monitoring
  • Reach Amplification
  • Analytics

Unleash the Digital Beast with These Digital Business Tools

Whether you’re a blogger or a business, these digital business tools are a great core to your overall business approach. Each and every one of these digital business tools offers different ways for you to empower and improve your entire business approach from social media to staying organized. If you’re not using them already, I highly encourage you to give them a try. They will absolutely elevate your business game.

Get one month free of Tailwind here.

This post contains affiliate links and special offers as a service for my readers. If you click through and start an account with Fresh Books or with Tailwind I receive a small commission at NO extra cost to you. 

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    • Paula

      I find it more relevant as it adds more features – and it has done that recently.. It’s quite useful when you manage multiple channels.

  • Amanda

    Excellent tips. I love all the points you have mentioned in your post. I prefer to use Dropbox and Google Drive because both are well equipped with great storage functionality. I even use Backup & Restore Dropbox plugin on WordPress.