Blue Mountain Resorts Summer Activity

Skiing, snowboarding, skating. Blue Mountain Resorts and winter go hand in hand, but what do you know about summer at Blue Mountain Resorts? What can there possibly be to do in the summer?

Turns out there’s activity around every corner at Blue Mountain these days.


My kids are nothing if not active, so when Blue Mountain Resorts invited us to stay with them in June and test drive some of their great activities, well giddy up I said. Bring it on.

What Can You Do in Summer at Blue Mountain Resort?

We arrived on a Wednesday in a spell of very warm weather.

First off Croc a Doodle pottery. Both of my kids picked out a ceramic canvas and began painting their little hearts out. Payton finished a girl on a unicorn, peppering her face with freckles and declaring it a perfect image of herself, despite the blue hair and Ainsley fancied up a new piggy bank. I made a magnet. The staff was supportive and sweet and we left our canvases there to have them glazed overnight.

In the afternoon, we meandered around the resort village and took in all the sights and sounds of the cutest little shops and restaurants.

Let me just note here that the sushi place was exceptional and the service there was great.

We all had our first ever Beaver Tails while visiting. The OREO Beaver Tail was heaven. Loved the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup flavour too, but the cookie and icing of the OREO one really was incredible. We stayed in the Westin Trillium House.

Read my review of the Westin Trillium House here. We fished for frogs and tadpoles in the swamp outside the Westin and we met up with several bloggers and my kids made friends fast.

Plunge Aquatic Centre

Plunge Aquatic Centre is a lot of fun for families of all ages. The pool there comes at extra cost to visitors, so budget for this especially in the summer months.

Also the plunge pool with rope swing is old school fun. My kids have been to Plunge twice and we love the rope swing. There is a hot tub as well and an indoor play space for toddlers.

The water slide inside Plunge is a gentle entry level water slide, and there is a regular slide into the pool too. Mom and Dad can swim with the kids, or relax and read a book poolside.


The Woodlot

The low ropes at the Woodlot were incredible. My oldest girl tackled them fearlessly. Bring the proper shoes – running shoes preferably.

That was an hour of fun for our whole family. Low ropes were busy all day long and we were there in an off period before school let out. Ainsley didn’t have closed running shoes on that day, so she didn’t tackle that activity.

Ropes Course Tips:

Try to get there early. There is a ropes course for the older groups of kids 12-13 + and adult level and it can actually be hours to finish. There are several levels, so you can choose your adventure there.

It is called the Timber Challenge.

There are paddle boats on the small pond across from the Westin and on certain days there is yoga on the docks. That alone made me wish we were staying longer, so that I could do it.

Family Golfing for Everyone

Mini golf is one of my youngest daughter’s favourite activities. She thinks she is at the driving range though when she mini golfs so look out below, or behind us, or generally nearby at all.

This Cascade putting range course is lovely, but also challenging. The landscape is nice cut into the side of a mountain and I couldn’t help thinking my husband would have loved it. He spent the week at work. But for our kids the 18 holes were challenging.  I however did get one hole in one. That was an event!

Ontario’s Only Mountain Coaster

The Ridge Runner, is Ontario’s only mountain roller coaster. Now, it should be clearly stated that I am often quite a chicken when it comes to rides.

But I rode the Ridge Runner with Ainsley twice and loved it. You control the speed, so even though it seems like you could be crashing through trees and racing down the mountainside, you can slow it down or speed it up for your adventure level. Huge incline at start of the coaster pulls you up the mountain. This was one of our favourite activities.

Gondola Rides

The Gondola rides up and down Blue Mountain are fun and a great way to look over all of Collingwood and Georgian Bay. We had a lovely view from the side of the gondola.

The way back down was nerve-wracking for me, a person afraid of heights. We originally planned to walk down the side of the mountain on the trail. (We did this two years ago) but we ended up exhausted from the hiking episode on the trail. So the gondola was our ride back down. It’s the tiniest bit rocky inside the bucket when it stops to pick up new people at bottom. About half-way down, I was able to actually enjoy the view. My youngest daughter has same fear of heights sometimes.

Payton, however, loved both rides and would happily do that half the day. (Naturally she tried to freak us out a couple of times rocking the gondola.)

Hiking Up Blue Mountain

Hiking up Blue Mountain all along the Bruce Trail was the end of our great three-day trip. My only complaint there was the trail needs better markings and signs.

At one point, we passed another family who couldn’t find the trail and at another point we ended up walking on the mountain biking path. A mountain biker hollered and we moved, then a man working on the newest ski run pointed us in the right direction and gave us some water also.

If you are going to hike up here any length of time, don’t forget sunscreen and water bottles. Leave the rest in the room.

Swimming at Blue Mountain Resort

Each of the pools at Blue Mountain Resort are lovely. Plunge is fun for kids and the Westin pool and hot tub is a showstopper. The hot tub was gorgeous and each building has access to a sauna too. The dining at Blue Mountain Resort is varied, with everything from pub food to Italian and frozen yogurt spots.

Mountain Biking and Trails

Mountain biking is a regular feature and quite a draw for many over on the Bruce Trail. Several paths are marked for mountain bikes and there are some serious bikers here.

Blue Mountain Weddings

Also, at the top of the mountain apparently the space is now also a great setting for weddings. I wouldn’t have believed it had I not seen the most elaborate Indian wedding setup occurring on the night we were getting ready to leave.

What a backdrop! I can’t imagine a more romantic spot in Ontario. Segway tours are also offered at the top of the mountains. Buy your tickets down below.

Scenic Caves

While we were staying in Collingwood, we also took in the Scenic Caves experience. That was such a great opportunity for my family. My girls had never been and I hadn’t been back in 25 years at least. We used to tour the caves as kids. Read my post about the Scenic Caves here.

Updates and New Things

Stay tuned for an announcement soon about the coming attraction zip line experience. It is anticipated to be ready at end of July. Fingers crossed. We just zip lined at Kalahari in OHIO and it was a hoot. This will be a fair bit closer and a great addition to the numerous fun and exciting ways to spend your day at Blue Mountain Resorts.

How to Get to Blue Mountain Resort?

At only 90 minutes to 2 hours away for Torontonians and maybe 3-4 hours for those from London, Blue Mountain Resorts has a great adventure waiting for you in nearby Ontario.

We were given a two night stay at the Westin and full access to all activities so we could write about the resort. My opinion is all my own. I would happily take my kids back yearly to see what is new at Blue. Follow them on twitter for up to date news and events. 

Mom of two beautiful active girls, traveller, fitness junkie, social media consultant, and keeper of the sanity.