Canada Day Maze

Canada Day Maze Printable

This Canada Day Maze is just simple fun for a summer day. Canada Day is one of my favourite summer events to celebrate. It falls right before my daughter’s birthday and it heralds summer too. So bring on the pool parties and the lazy long fun summer days for everybody.

This year I don’t really plan to do much out of the ordinary. I will be working mostly, but I will also take the time to dive into the pool and enjoy the beautiful month of July. I  love July. It’s my favourite month of all and also the month of my birth and my oldest daughter’s birthday too. Plus it’s hot. LOL.

Canada Day Maz

Are they crying “I’m bored” yet? This Canada Day Maze printable will help.

When school lets out it’s inevitable that at some point the kids will begin to miss the constant activity and classmates. But there are a few easy ways to keep them occupied just long enough to get them through that nasty period of boredom. Start with my free printables pinterest board, especially good for rain days and road trips. You can find many budget friendly activities there for kids of all ages. There are colouring pages too.

This activity maze for Canada Day ought to keep them happy for a bit too. I don’t know many kids who refuse the challenge of a maze activity page. I print these ones out for my younger daughter and carry some with me when we travel and when we go to restaurants. Better to be prepared than to listen to: “Are we there yet?” hundreds of times.

How to Print:

Feel free to download the printable above in one of two different ways:

Right click and save and then download. Don’t right click any other content here because that’s never okay. But this is one instance where I give you permission to take this printable.

You can also download it from the link below to Canada Day Maze.

Canada Day Maze

And just an FYI, if anyone has trouble solving this one, I am posting the answer on a page right after this post. Hopefully that will help. But don’t download the solution until you have legitimately tried to solve the maze itself.

Ideas For Ways to Use My Printables:

Here’s a tip: my kids do overnight camp every year now and I pack some extra letters to drop off at the front office of the camp they attend so that they get a note from home each day and they feel safe and happy. I also add a little extra activity in their letters each year. Print out a couple of these free printables and colouring sheets and make sure to send some crayons and they will enjoy the surprise from home.

Remember to read tomorrow for the solution to this Canada Day Maze, if you need it. Oh and here’s my Canada Day word search too.

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