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What to Pack for Summer Camp – Six Essentials Including Mabel’s Labels Special Camp Pack

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What to Pack for Summer Camp

Is it time to talk about camp yet? Are we ready to discuss what to pack already? It must be camp time since several of the parent groups I belong to in real life have started talking about their schedules and their experiences with camp each year. Talk about WORD of Mom. I love that when you sit down with a group of Moms on a Tuesday night at a parent council meeting, or a parent support group you run, all roads lead to comparisons of camp locations and which camp worked brilliantly and was affordable for your son or daughter. It’s likely the most influential factor in me choosing a camp – testimonials from someone I trust.

When your child is headed off to summer camp, knowing what to pack is a big part of making sure both you and they are comfortable and at ease on their trip. Knowing what to pack is a key part of a great summer camp experience.

What to Pack – 6 Items to Make Summer Camp Great

For many kids, summer camp is both exciting and nerve wracking. Many of them have never been away from home before, so knowing what to pack to help them be comfortable both physically and emotionally is key to a great camp experience for them. My girls are summer camp experts now, having done sleep away camp for the last three years in a row and day camps for as long as I can remember. Camp is a gorgeous opportunity for kids to grow and build new friendships. You get a little break as a parent and they also get a break while becoming independent because of the experience.

This year I thought it would be fun to help you prepare as well by sharing my list of camp must haves!

1. Mabel’s Labels Limited Edition Summer Camp label pack:

Mabel tops my list every year, because she has everything you need to be sure all your belongings return home. But this year the limited edition summer camp label pack has even more to love. This is the pack I am using this year:

Limited Edition Camp Combo:

10 personalized name stickers

24 mini custom name stickers

50 Tag Mates that are stick on clothing labels

8 custom shoes stickers

There are also 2 personalized bag tags AND the highlight for me: some super cute postcards that your camper can send home!! I love that. I always write them and send the letters to camp BUT they rarely write me back. Now I get a letter too!! I love this!

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2. A Calling Card or Stationery and Envelopes

This is second on my “what to pack” list, because it can be how you and your child will stay in touch. A calling card is great because it allows you and your child to speak while they are away at camp. But I also know this is not always necessary. If that’s not an option, stationery and envelopes are second best. Although you won’t be able to talk to each other, writing a letter can help your child feel connected to you while they’re away. Many camps also have email. SO, if it’s important that your child check in they can do so. Luckily my kids have not needed to. I call once each year to be sure my younger child is okay and doing well. I am glad when they manage all week without me. That’s progress.

3. Flip Flops

Want to know what to pack? Flip flops! This may seem like a small thing not worthy of making the list, but I only have one word for you: warts. That’s right. Tons of kids will be using the showering facilities, and the last thing you want your child to learn about at summer camp is warts. So when deciding what to pack, make sure flip flops are on the list. Remind your child to wear them EVERY TIME they shower or use the restroom.

4. Laundry Bag

This is another important item when thinking about what to pack. A laundry bag helps your child keep track of their clothing, both clean and dirty. It also helps them keep the mess level down while they’re at camp. Just like at home, nobody at camp wants to see dirty underwear and stinky socks just laying around.

5. Shower Caddy

This goes along with flip flops on my “what to pack” list. Just like your child will use flip flops to avoid warts on their feet, a shower caddy is used to prevent warts on their hands. No part of your child’s body or their shower supplies should ever touch the floor of any public showering facility.

6. Something Extra Fun

Something personalized like this adorable printable. I handwrite secret puzzles for my daughter’s every year and I add them to their letters. Each day they have to find a secret message from me. That makes them super happy. One daughter is already asking if I will make these again this year. Mine look different than these But my helper Christina makes gorgeous printables.

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Knowing What to Pack Make Summer Camp More Fun

Summer camp is many children’s first foray out into the world on their own, so knowing what to pack is very important. If you begin packing with these five core items, your “what to pack” list should have a great start.

I received a package of Mabel’s Labels Summer camp labels to facilitate this post. There is also an affiliate link in this post, meaning I might receive a commission if you order through my page. My opinion is all my own. I am a huge fan of these labels because they save my family money.

You are welcome to use this secret message. Download it directly from the link below.

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