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Clean Up Your Couponing With Coupon Chief

I am sadly the messiest person on the planet with my coupons. Just ask my kids! They are savvy coupon clippers. I am training them well. LOL. But the problem with that is my crazy coupons are: in the dining room; on the fridge; in my wallet (there are more coupons there than cash actually); in the pockets of my purse; in my daughter’s room; on my computer and on my KOBO. Really, I tucked one into my Kobo sleeve.

Sometimes they fall from my pockets and I feel like that little cartoon character PigPen on Charlie Brown. Sooo  Embarrassing. But then I found



Clean up Your Wallet Now

I complain and moan and groan and tweet, but until recently had not found a solution. The past month or so I have been using and it’s changing the way I do couponing. Picture a giant clearinghouse full of coupons for every brand imaginable. Most products you can think of. Coupon codes and printables. There are more categories than you can dream of, and this clean looking well organized site makes it easy.


Sign Up Here:

Like them on Facebook and find even more savings or simply follow them on twitter. @couponchief.

Visit  and sign up for free and use the index to locate a coupon for whatever it is you are searching for.


Best Buy coupons available right now can help you save money on a GPS, a laptop, or a selection of DVDs.

If you want to get a specific brand enter the name and see what pops up. Dell has a lot of offers. Some other companies have just a few offers, but the variety is there for sure. Baby Gap has a great 30 % off your entire purchase coupon that I have shared on twitter and you can get it here too if you click on Baby Gap coupons.

There are kid’s products like playsets and outdoor climbers and major retailers like Kohl’s in the U.S. have parked some deals here. Find everything from Laptops to leg-warmers, travel deals and toys. I even found a pile of Pampers gifts to grow codes, not that I use them anymore, but I know some of my readers do for sure.


How to Use

When you find the deal or coupon codes you need, you can clip it virtually, by clicking on the scissor icon, or copy the code and buy the products on line. Usually you input the code at checkout time. Then pay. Easy. Peasy. No paper. No waste and no coupons falling from your pockets when you take your kids to school.

At the end of each transaction, you are asked to report back to coupon chief. You can click on an icon to let them know your coupon worked. A check mark or an X. You can even tell them how much you saved. Look  here now before making any big purchase, especially on line.

The best part is my wallet looks better than it did before. Now if only I could find a virtual site that held my points and rewards cards I might be able to close my wallet up again.

This is a sponsored post which means I received compensation. I do not promote anything that I haven’t tried myself and my opinion is all my own.

Mom of two beautiful active girls, traveller, fitness junkie, social media consultant, and keeper of the sanity.


  • Jemay Cinco

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