Cooking With Kids–Delicious Rice Krispies Holiday Treats



It’s the most wonderful time of the year when it comes to baking. This week got a great Rice Krispies kit filled with treats and goodies for making Rice Krispies holiday ornaments, so my kids and I had a lot of fun and got festive Cooking With Kids this week. By the way, I know I have referenced this before here – cooking and baking are great sensory activities, but did you know that the moulding and shaping of the Rice Krispies treats marshmallow and cereal mixture provides amazing feedback for kids with sensory processing disorder? Kids with sensory processing disorder are either sensory seeking or sensory avoiding – some fall somewhere on a spectrum – seeking feedback of deep pressure banging into things all day and then avoiding loud noises for instance. Well, my girl is sensory seeking when it comes to the touch of sense, so she needs to get dirty and digs right in. She loves things like play dough and sculpting with play dough. The gooey marshmallow mixture is perfect for rolling into a ball or pressing into various cookie cutter shapes. (Just look at the smile on my daughter’s face.) If we could do something like this every day giving her the tactile sensation of building the ornaments, combined with the great smells of baking with Rice Krispies and marshmallows, well she’d be a whole lot better off in terms of ability to function as a child with special needs.

delicious_Rice_Krispies_holiday_treatsdelicious_Rice_Krispies_holiday_treatsdec. 1, 2012 043delicious_Rice_Krispies_holiday_treatsdelicious_Rice_Krispies_holiday_treats

Anyways, make your Rice Krispies treats the old fashioned way, then gather all your Christmas cookie cutters, glitter, icing and sprinkles. Wait until the Rice Krispies treats have cooled a bit and start carving it up into cookie cutter shapes, or balling it up into snowballs. The possibilities are endless. Have fun!! My daughter got super creative and tried to make snowflakes, snowmen, candy canes and Rudolph. Then she packages some up and took to her sensei and her teacher at school.


dec. 1, 2012 080


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