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Five Ways to Pass the Two Week Wait IVF #infertility

The two week wait. Cue ominous music. In infertility terms the two week wait is a suspenseful, frustrating, stressful time. It’s the two week wait IVF or IUI. After what is often months, and sometimes years of treatment the two week wait is one of the final hurdles and it can be a frustrating time. Here are some ideas to pass that time without going stir crazy.

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Anyone who has struggled to conceive and undergone fertility or infertility treatment such as IVF or IUI knows the torture of the two week wait. The two week wait IVF is bad enough without adding the stressful factors of infertility. Financial strain, time off work for doctor’s appointments, potential lack of support from family members and employers, makes infertility treatment draining. When you are trying to conceive and fertility treatment is in full swing, the two week wait is essentially the period of time that is between the treatment (in vitro fertilization –  IVF or intra-uterine insemination – IUI) and the precious moment you can take the pregnancy test.

Why do you wait? Well, one of the hormones taken during IVF is hcG, the same hormone home pregnancy tests detect to measure whether you are pregnant or not. So inaccurate tests results are common when you take your pregnancy test too soon. Like the song says the waiting is the hardest part. During the two week wait it’s completely common to overanalyze each twinge, cramp or slight symptom happening in your body. So how can you fill the two week wait without coming completely unglued?



Five Ways to Pass the Two Week Wait.

1. Yoga: Yoga is a calming activity that helps keep both mind and body strong and centred. There are many useful reasons for yoga and even specific yoga for fertility sessions you can join. But you don’t have to go crazy. A routine of using the mind body breathing techniques incorporated into yoga practice can help many people with many different health care situations.

2. Meditation: Meditation is the practice of calming your mind and centring your energy. Sometimes it involves focussing on a word or picture to calm the outside world and soothe mind and body. This is a great way to positively change anxious thoughts and slow worry down.

3. Journalling: Put your thoughts on paper. I kept busy working while I was undergoing infertility treatment (that’s my go to default cycle when I am stressed and I am sure that probably didn’t help my infertility treatment.) Those who know me also know we ended up choosing adoption to create our family. When I was waiting to adopt I journal led and then passed the book on to my daughter to let her know how much she was wanted. She hasn’t read it yet but I know she will one day. Plus it helped me take my mind off waiting to be a family.  [tweetthis]How did you pass the two week wait? #IVF #infertility [/tweetthis]

4. Go outside and restore. Fresh air does a body good. Or you could schedule a low key movie night with your partner or, on your own if you are single. Go easy on yourself right now. A purely escapist entertaining movie might be just the ticket to help.

5. Reading: Take a book that is fiction or something totally removed from infertility and parenting and health fields. Then escape into it and free your body to do what it needs to do while your mind is otherwise occupied.

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