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Crowne Plaza Toronto DVP

Last month we had the opportunity to visit family in Toronto and not wishing to impose we opted to stay at a family hotel. Toronto’s Crowne Plaza Don Valley Parkway has served us well a couple of times now. This year we timed it just right with the weather and both indoor and outdoor pools were of use. The outdoor pool is relatively shallow and easy to reach on the street level of the facility. There is a conference centre, great breakfast buffet on site and service was fantastic. A couple of weddings took place here over the weekend. The best part of this particular spot is its location, almost walking distance to the Ontario Science Centre. While the rooms aren’t overly exciting and nearby construction means the view won’t be much either the prices are competitive and if looking for a weekend of shopping or visiting the sites this is a worthy family facility.

thriftymommagogo’s rating $$$ out of $$$$$.

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