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style="clear: both; text-align: center;">Today, on the last day of school my kids shared some treats with their individual classes. My kids are both crazy about cooking and they also love cake pops. Together we decided to try to make delicious owl cake pops. So last night we made these owls. I am pretty happy with them and most importantly the kids were proud of these owl cake pops.
owl cake pops
It’s our last day of school here. Not only is it the last day of school though, it’s the last day ever at this school where my girls have been students since they were 6 years old. Due to crowded French Immersion schools in London, Ontario several schools have restructured. So, the old Huron Heights French Immersion public school closes at the end of this month. It’s been open since 1960. It was first an English school and then a French immersion school and in the last few years it has been stretched to the limit with over 400 students. This year alone we had 11 portables.
So next year 2-3 of the current French immersion schools move their entire student population to a new school (actually an old but renovated high school which closed a couple years ago). And that means the T-shirts with the Owl mascots will be collector’s items and the collected Hiboux in display cases will be moved. New school, new principal, new name, and new mascot which is likely to be determined at some point in the future.
Both of my kids shared some treats with their individual classes on their last day ever at Huron Heights. Ainsley, Payton and I together made tiny delicious owl cake pops. Owls will forever be special in our hearts. Does your school have a mascot? Have you ever tried to make cake pops? Do you have any tricks or tips for making them work?
Cake pops can be extremely tricky and they take a lot of practice in my opinion. But here are the few tips we have learned and here is the written tutorial on how to make them.

Owl Cake Pops:

You need:
We always start with boxed cake mix and our Babycakes Cake Pop Maker
It is awesome and so easy to use. This gadget makes about one dozen cake balls in roughly 4-6 minutes.
Sprinkles shaped like hearts or stars or both. Get a variety.
Non stick spray.
Lollipop sticks
Dark Chocolate chips or white chocolate chips.
Mini M & Ms (for the eyes)
Candy wafers you can melt to use as icing.
(actual icing is too thick I find Merck’s little candy wafers work magically.)
Mix cake batter as per instructions on the box.
Spray the Babycakes cake pop device with non stick coating.
Spoon the mixed batter into the Babycakes Cake pop maker.
Scoop them out gently when done and let them cool. Trim off the excess bits of cake. The balls should be round and smooth.
Use all the batter up.
Don’t forget to unplug your machine.
Melt half of the wafers on low, remembering to stir often.
Take the candy lollipop sticks and one by one dip into the melted candy mix
Then insert into each cake pop and let them sit for 10 minutes. Alternatively you can refrigerate them and save some time if you are in a hurry. (This is crucial) those sticks will not stay in the cake pops otherwise.) Trust me we have tried and made many failed batches. The candy wafer melt mixture acts like glue and sticks the treats to the sticks.
Now use one of the sticks and apply dots of the melt to the top of the head of the cake pop.
Attach one chocolate chip on each side where the ears would be. Do this to the entire batch. Let them sit again and harden. (Put in fridge if you need to.)
When the ears are attached, melt the remaining candy wafers.
Dip carefully and swirl the cake pop so it is coated entirely with icing mix and colour.
Use the cake pop stand in the box with the Babycakes machine. For more information and recipes you can also buy this book which I love.  (175 Best Babycakes Cake Pop Maker Recipesand you can read my original post from a couple of years ago on the cake pop machine I love.
The ears will stay just fine, if attached well to the owl cake pops with the melted candy wafer mix.
Coated and let dry, then add finishing touches. Be creative. We attached M & M minis for the eyes and we used candy sprinkle hearts for the mouths.
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Do You Make Cake Pops?

These owl cake pops are perfect for sharing.
Do you have any cake pop tricks? What kinds of cake pops do you make?

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  • Just Us Girls

    How cute!! I love making cake pops and love that they’ve become easier and easier to make over the years. I remember making them years ago when I first saw them on Bakerella, there are so many ways you can make them. These Owls would definitely be something my daughter would love to make!

  • Aimee Geroux

    Omg I tried once to make no bake cake pops and it was an utter disaster I’m going to give your method a go I have all summer to perfect it with the kids 🙂 love your owls I’m sure the kids will remember them and how memorable it was to have them as they said goodbye to their school.

  • Jennifer Van Huss

    OMG! Your cakepops are too cute! I have never attempted to make them before! My bff owns a cakepop business and makes them for me! I’m sending her this site! What a great idea!

  • Alyssa K

    To be honest (and embarrassed) I have not attempted cake pops yet. You make it sound fairly straight forward though. I’ll be bookmarking this post! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your recipe! 🙂