Cooking With Kids: Cake Pops and My BabyCakes

So back around Christmas time I spied the amazing Babycakes cake pop maker and instagramed a picture while doing a quick shopportunity for Social Fabric. Well, I heard from several twitter followers how much they loved theirs and I take my lovely reader’s opinions seriously. But it was Christmas and I put that out of my mind for a time. Also this has been an expensive couple of years with furnaces breaking etcetera. Then my Sears rewards points added up. And so I cashed them in a couple months ago. I couldn’t resist using this for my Cooking With Kids posts.

Ummm, seriously…who doesn’t like these??
My new friend. Babycakes
This amazing little device works like a sandwich maker or waffle iron and I love it. Actually planning to use it again today. Because it is FUN!

First get a boxed package of cake mix. Or make cake batter from scratch. We probably could have used half the package because we ended up with about 5 dozen cake pops. EEk! So we spread the love and froze a few, ate a couple and sent a pile of them over to SARI. And to friends.


Make sure the Babycakes machine is plugged in and hot enough to cook the cake balls. A caveat – it gets really hot so supervise or do this part yourself. Also don’t overfill the little pockets. We discovered this the hard way. Remove the cooked balls and let them cool. Fill again. The machine has a green and red button. It tells you when they are done.

After they cool you insert the lollipop sticks and melt different colours of Merken’s wafers from grocery store or Bulk Barn, then roll the cakepop in the warm icing liquid. Apply sprinkles or chocolate chips, coconut or tiny candies. We set them in the freezer for an hour to harden. So good!

Now this is the part where you link up a post of yours. Show us something you cooked with your kids and we will come and visit your blog and leave you comments or follows. Happy Cooking!

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