Spooky Halloween Pumpkins Coloring Book – Practice Fine Motor Skills And Visual Spatial Skills Activity

Halloween word search and printable activities as well as recipes and crafts are in full swing here right now. We are all back into the fall school schedule looking forward to Thanksgiving. So we have been sharing some great printables and activities for readers this month. Here’s another one to pin and print out and enjoy with your kids – This Halloween Pumpkins Coloring Book is a cute activity for them to do as well.


There are nine pages to this one, if you include the cover, so make sure to print them all out and have some fun. I am also sharing a Kawaii Halloween Pumpkins Coloring Book this season, which is great for all ages. Look for zombies too! This book today can also be used to practice fine motor and scissors skills, as well as visual spatial skills. That is useful for preschoolers and the younger grade school kids too.

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Fall is a busy season and although the routine is great to have again sometimes I still miss the gorgeous weather of the summer. I also miss the days not rushing around to try and get from sport to sport and rehearsal and back. Truthfully I miss a bit of the connecting that we do when summer is here. So here’s another way to enjoy some quiet still time together. Kids naturally relax when they color and so do adults. Hence the popularity of coloring books for adults now too.

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My kids still love doing word search games and there are several of those here too. A couple of the pages in this Halloween Pumpkins Coloring Book are straight coloring pages and a few are activities.

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For Educational Purposes you can:

  1. Use the facial decorations as cutouts and have kids cut them out with scissors, color them and then glue them on.
  2. Color them and keep them separate entirely.
  3. Cut all of the pieces out and mix and match and glue on various pumpkins.
  4. You might even consider using these various eyes and mouths as a stencil for your own pumpkin. When you print them out they are pretty big.
  5. Or you might tell an older child to copy the facial expressions they see above the pumpkins and then see how well they can recreate the shapes. This is an excellent way to judge their visual spatial skills. If what they recreate is way off what was originally above the pumpkin then you might want to keep practicing that over time. Believe it or not being able to draw a shape that you are given is an important learning skill. My one child has a learning disability and she cannot duplicate shapes she is given often. This is the kind of activity that would be ideal for her.

There are dozens of other free printables and colouring books coming your way. Enjoy them together with your family. Don’t forget to check out my Pinterest Free Printables board. There are some awesome easy activities for everyone there.

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Print Out This Halloween Pumpkins Coloring Book

Click on the images to print and they pop up in a separate window on your computer. From there you should have no trouble at all printing them out. There’s also a great little Halloween activities package here too. In the mean time Happy Halloween and please leave a comment if you enjoy this Halloween Pumpkins Coloring Book.

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