30 Day Health and Wellness Challenge and Printable

Well here we go again! Lockdown threatens to disrupt any progress on my fitness routine. But hopefully not for long. That’s why I am sharing this 30-day health and wellness challenge.

Make a Commitment to Health & Wellness

I have done my best to maintain a health and wellness schedule for years now. It’s part of my life and I need that as a parent and as someone who has chronic pain and Crohn’s disease.

Working out to maintain health and wellness is not an option for me. So, from the start of the pandemic to today, I have been seizing all of the opportunities to get fit.

Getting and Staying Fit in a Pandemic

We have been walking almost every day in all sorts of weather. The kids, in between lockdowns, have been doing martial arts. I have been going to the YMCA again several times a week because I need that.

For me, working out and staying fit is not an option. While I am constantly trying to convey that to my kids and my family, it’s not always easy. For us, mental health is inextricably tied to physical health. But for teens it often takes a whole lot of convincing and cajoling.

There’s always room for improvement.

Everyone Loves a Challenge

This time of year everyone loves a challenge and during the new year so many of us are typically all about getting back to the gym. But, wait, there’s a lockdown, so how on earth can you stay fit even when everything is closed and the gyms are not open?

Well, walking isn’t ruled out and neither are the virtual workouts that you did during the first lockdown. The first lockdown. Can you imagine that we even are saying these words?

Anyways, this 30 day fitness, health and wellness challenge can work well especially right now because you don’t need a lot of tools or extras. Heck you don’t even need a gym to do this exercise in.

This 30-day health and wellness challenge probably works best if you launch it at the start of a month. But, if you aren’t quite as literal as I am at times then start any old time. I am ready to go now and will happily do this with anyone here.

What I Love About This Challenge…

Anyone anywhere can do this easily outside and at home. You don’t need much space or much time. The workouts revolve around a combination of walks, squats, meditation and even rest days. That’s right, rest days. In fact, I find I often do better at challenges and workouts when there are rest days built in on occasion.

How to Get This Printable Health and Wellness Challenge

This is a super simple download. Just click on the link below and print it out for future reference.

Literally, yoga in my pyjamas kept me going in March and April

Do you have any fitness plans or have you consistently been working out at home throughout the entire pandemic? Hit or miss? No worries. It’s all good. Just take care of yourself and be kind. These days, it seems increasingly hard for people to give themselves grace.

This is the kind of thing that works for me, which is not to say that it will absolutely be the BEE’s Knees for you. I aim to help by occasionally sharing tools like this for you all to use and share with your families.

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What are you Doing this Spring?

Drop a comment below. Let me know if you and your kids are looking for more activities to do this spring or summer. I’d be happy to help if I can.

Print the above content out by clicking on the download now link. Easy Peasy!

Download here:

Much Love and Stay Well! Do return and leave a comment if you use this!

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