Diversity and Different Cultures in Organa Kids’ DVD’s

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Where children are concerned I am always conscious of the opportunities to teach empathy and differences. Kids are sponges after all and there are so many chances to teach them acceptance and tolerance and compassion. Books and experiences in real life can be most effective, but occasionally I like to supplement their learning with screen time. Computers and TV and DVDs that build on diversity, different cultures and languages have alsways been great tools in our home. So when I heard about the Nelly & Caesar Kids Collection and Castle Farm and Happy Valley, well I was excited to get hold of the set for review. We received Happy Valley and Nelly & Ceasar Volume 1 for review. The productions by Organa Kids promote friendship and different cultures.
Nelly & Caesar are a mouse and frog and they are best friends. This series discusses friendship and problem-solving and general gentle early life situations. The set is best for children under 6. I enjoyed how sweet and friendly the duo are together.The children’s animated stories are charming tales from France. Nelly and her buddy Caesar have numerous different friends, a hedgehog, a squirrel and a beaver. Together, they explore nature, feelings, friendship and senses. 
Organa was established in 1995, to introduce children and families to multiculturalism early. OrganaKids is the children’s division of Organa. Other DVD releases include a Yoga DVD for kids (which I would have loved to preview) Yoga and kids are a great combination for so many reasons. Dougie in Disguise is from Spain. The Adventures of Mouse and Mole is from the United Kingdom.Croatian Tales is available on CD-Rom. 
Nelly & Caesar is on DVD. Happy Valley is also on DVD.
103 mins long and designed for ages  2-6.  $19.95 and available at www.organa.com
I give this one a $$$$ out of $$$$$. It is sweet and harmless in tone with cute lessons and characters. A tiny bit expensive and I would have liked a bit more multiculturalism in this one.
I received product for free in order to facilitate this review. My opinion is all my own.

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